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New study detects ringing of the global atmosphere

(University of Hawaii at Manoa) A ringing bell vibrates simultaneously at a low-pitched fundamental tone and at many higher-pitched overtones, producing a pleasant musical sound. A recent study, just published in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences by scientists at Kyoto University and the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, shows that the Earth’s entire atmosphere vibrates in an analogous manner, in a striking confirmation of theories developed by physicists over the last two centuries.  

Nobel Prize-winning chemist named to “Great Immigrants, Great Americans” list

(Binghamton University) M. Stanley Whittingham, a 2019 Nobel Laureate and distinguished professor at Binghamton University, State University of New York, has been named to the Carnegie Corporation of New York’s 2020 list of “Great Immigrants, Great Americans.”

Fluorocarbon bonds are no match for light-powered nanocatalyst

(Rice University) Rice University engineers have created a light-powered catalyst that can break the strong chemical bonds in fluorocarbons, a group of synthetic materials that includes persistent environmental pollutants.

‘Cell’ Mag: ‘Race Is Not Genetic’; ‘Science Has Racism Problem’

Wondering just how low science has gone? Look no further than science magazine Cell, which said the entire field was guilty of racism. This comes on the heels of a climate scientist at NASA GISS linking white supremacy to climate change….

How dating during the pandemic is the same — and how it's not

Get in the right frame of mind before your call so you can enjoy it and be yourself. (Photo: F Armstrong Photography/ This isn’t the first time people have dated without meeting in person. And it isn’t the first time…

Greta The Psychic Warns Of Climate Doom In Pearl Jam Music Vid

Greta Thunberg stars in the music video for Pearl Jam’s environmental doom tune “Retrograde.” The teenage climate alarmist plays a fortune-teller warning of imminent climate destruction, the video’s director revealed. The animated music video sees a man visit a fortune-teller who presents…


Water-splitting module a source of perpetual energy

(Rice University) Rice University researchers have integrated high-efficiency solar cells and electrode catalysts into an efficient, low-cost device that splits water to produce hydrogen fuel.