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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Open House: what steps should the government take to mitigate effects of climate change? – The Tribune India

Alarm bells can’t ring more vigorously Finally, the fire of global warming has reached our doorsteps and we are now experiencing the threat perception of climate change as never before in real terms. Environmental disasters are no more global issues…

Climate change is increasing the risk of inter-species viral contagions – EL PAÍS in English

At least 13 animal species, from bats to gorillas, are hosts to the Ebola virus. The geographic distribution of these species – and, as such, the areas where potential risk of infection exists – are limited to parts of western…

New report highlights risk from global warming in the “Third Pole” – Modern Diplomacy

There are thousands of small-scale, community driven initiatives making a huge difference in people’s lives and contributing to efforts to curb global warming. In early April, 29 countries pledged more than $5 billion to the UN-backed Global Environment Facility (GEF)….

A Climate-Driven Decline of Tiny Dryland Lichens Could Have Big Global Impacts – InsideClimate News

Lichens that help hold together soil crusts in arid lands around the world are dying off as the climate warms, new research shows. That would lead deserts to expand and also would affect areas far from the drylands, as crumbling…

Commentary: Climate change threatens downhill runs and uphill chats – Great Lakes Echo

Sunset on the ski gondola in Telluride, Colorado. Image: Brooklyn Peppo By Brooklyn Peppo The ski lift is one of the only socially acceptable places to talk to strangers. The 10-minute conversations while sitting on freezing metal seats swinging 15…

‘Third Pole’ Is at Risk from Global Warming: New Report – Krishi Jagran

Beautiful View of Himalayan Region According to a new report from the United Nations Environment Programme, the glacier-capped mountains of South Asia, which provide drinking water to billions of people, are warming at an alarming rate (UNEP). According to a Scientific…

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