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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

Mount Everest

Martian super volcanoes lasted millions of years

NASA scientists say that there were once thousands of volcanic eruptions on Mars. These explosive blasts, in the northern Arabia Terra region, were “super eruptions,” the largest and most powerful kind known. The intense activity continued for about 500 million years, about four billion years ago.

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Unraveling the Mysteries Hidden in Vast Glacier Caves

I was dangling from a thin nylon rope, some 250 feet from the bottom of an icy shaft. Looking up, I noted the spindrift — blinding snow whipped into a frenzy by howling winds — that was sandblasting the entrance,…

New clues to why there’s so little antimatter in the universe

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) An MIT study shows radioactive molecules are sensitive to subtle nuclear phenomena. The molecules might help physicists probe violation of the most fundamental symmetries of nature, including why the universe contains relatively little antimatter.


Our world is losing ice at a record rate

The rate at which ice is disappearing across the planet has been speeding up, with 65% since the 1990s, a survey of global ice loss using European Space Agency satellite data reveals.

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