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Ride The Lightning — An Interview With Susanna Schick On Electric Motorcycles

Susanna Shick @PinkyRacrThe nonprofit Forth and CleanTechnica are partnering on a webinar August 19 devoted to electric motorcycles, and CleanTechnica contributor Susanna Schick will be on the panel. Register here for this free event!

Interviewing Etergo’s CEO: What The Ola Electric Acquisition Means For Etergo, Consumers, & Investors

Yesterday we were all surprised to learn that Etergo has been acquired by the Indian company Ola. At the time, all we had was a vague press release from Ola that only stated it had acquired Etergo and the two companies looked forward to working together

Global Motorcycle Market Collapses As Harley Makes Deep Cuts

When the car business sneezes, motorcycles catch a cold. That’s an old saying in this business — one that was already old when I first started working at a dealership in 1997 — but it is a saying that, by and large, has held true

The Apollo Light Electric Scooter Brings Premium Features At An Affordable Pricepoint

The Apollo Light electric scooterThe folks at Apollo Scooters reached out to us about their new line of premium electric scooters. So many electric scooters these days are built as cheaply as possible and if they break, are doomed to be thrown away. Apollo Scooters are being billed as more durable, higher quality builds, thanks to their vertical integration of manufacturing, service, and sales

Global e-Mobility Funding Report — Q3 2019

The Global e-Mobility Funding Report for the third quarter of 2019 showed a total of $2.7 billion raised by 45 electric vehicle (EV) companies across the world. This funding amount is even higher in reality since another 18 EV-related companies didn’t disclose any financial details

Piaggio Launches Electric Ape w/ Battery Swap Tech

The Piaggio Ape (that’s “app-eh,” not “ape”) E-City will feature a long flat battery mounted low in the chassis. That design will help the three-wheeler to maximize interior cargo volume while also aiding in dynamic handling. That’s because the heavy battery will help naturally lower the E-City’s center of gravity

Scooters Have Improved, But They’ve Still Got Issues

For those of you who live in places with scooters on the sidewalks everywhere, this is probably old news, but my habit of living in the hinterlands does give me a unique perspective on the scooter phenomenon. I do ride one from time to time, but then I’m away from them for months at a time. When things change, I don’t experience it gradually