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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Governors Using Taxpayer Covid Dollars To Fight ‘Climate Change’

States across the country have budget surpluses, including federal coronavirus stimulus payments, and many governors are using the money for projects to fight so-called climate change. The excess cash is also from tax collection and post-lockdown consumer spending, and governors…


What To Do With Your Old 4G Phone As You Transition to 5G

An estimated 89.5 million 5G smartphones were shipped to residences and businesses in 2021. This was a big jump from the 33.4 million shipped during 2020. Apple’s iPhone sales brought in $38.9 billion during just the fourth quarter of 2021.Though 5G technology has been in place since 2019, it’s expected that 2022 and 2023 will […]

Myth Debunked: Global warming is good – Times of Malta

As world leaders met at the COP26 summit to debate how to tackle climate change, misinformation began to circulate around social media. While today you hardly find people that deny that climate change exists and is happening, misleading claims arise…

Time not on our side with climate change – Evening Observer

Global warming is real! I am in my 60s. I challenge anyone my age to say that this winter was just like one from our childhood. If a person will not accept their own lived experience as proof, what evidence…

‘Bro Said Global Warming’: DoorDash Driver Drags Person Who Only Ordered Skittles in Video – Newsweek

A DoorDash driver from New York went viral after he complained about a customer who only ordered a single bag of Skittles. The driver, who goes by @abdulfromthecut, uploaded his response in a video to TikTok which received more than…

Lefty Activist Group Blames Climate Change For Ethiopia’s Woes. It’s Not

In search results today for “climate change,” Google News is heavily promoting an article by the leftist activist group International Rescue Committee that claims global warming is causing war and death in Ethiopia due to “large-scale losses of livestock and…

Federal Reserve Head Endorses Climate Stress Scenarios In Policy Decisions

Jerome Powell faced the Senate Banking Committee at his confirmation hearing for a second term at the Federal Reserve on Tuesday, and it’s a sign of the progressive times that a leading issue was the greening of the central bank….

WA legislators prepare for long list of climate change bills – InvestigateWest

Lawmakers could look at more than a dozen climate proposals addressing carbon reduction and other environmental issues. By John Stang / / Jan. 11, 2022 More than a dozen climate change proposals are expected to come before the Washington…

Biden’s Fuel Afflictions: The New Year Forecasts More Gasoline Pains

That government exists to better the lives of its citizens is self-evident. Happiness can be an elusive pursuit, of course, and leaders are no less likely to zig when they should have zagged than the imperfect folks who choose them….


Biggest Recycling Law Changes in 2022

On November 15, 2021, the EPA released the National Recycling Strategy. As current recycling policies and programs aren’t working as effectively as they could, the EPA decided it was time to take a closer look at creating a circular economy that works for everyone. Why Isn’t Recycling Working?If you move from one town to another, you’ll […]

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