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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Report: Ties Between Environmentalism And Eugenics ‘Run Deep’

A historical analysis of the environmentalist movement released Monday revealed close ties between radical ecology, population control, and eugenics, which is still evident today in “ecofascism.” An “ultra-violent strain of white-nationalism also embraces climate science,” states the Canadian activist Cory…

Materials that can revolutionize how light is harnessed for solar energy

Scientists have designed organic molecules capable of generating two excitons per photon of light, a process called singlet fission. The excitons can live for much longer than those generated from their inorganic counterparts, which leads to an amplification of electricity generated per photon that is absorbed by a solar cell.

New discipline proposed: Macro-energy systems — the science of the energy transition

(Stanford University) In a perspective published in Joule on August 14, a group of researchers led by Stanford University propose a new academic discipline, ‘macro-energy systems,’ as the science of the energy transition.

3D Printing a Human Skull | Secrets of Bones | BBC Earth

Explore the history of the human skull, from neanderthal to modern man, using 3D printing technology.Subscribe: Watch more:Planet Earth Planet Earth II Dinosaur Secrets of Bones Why can’t an elephant jump? Why did some lizards…