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Bat-winged dinosaurs that could glide

(McGill University) Despite having bat-like wings, two small dinosaurs, Yi and Ambopteryx, struggled to fly, only managing to glide clumsily between the trees where they lived, according to a new study led by an international team of researchers, including McGill University Professor Hans Larsson. Unable to compete with other tree-dwelling dinosaurs and early birds, they went extinct after just a few million years. The findings, published in iScience, support that dinosaurs evolved flight in several different ways before modern birds evolved.

Climate ‘Catastrophe’ Myths And Realities—And Why You Should Care

Those of us who reject the idea that mankind controls Earth’s thermostat do so for many reasons. As yet there exists no physical evidence to link the steady growth of carbon dioxide beginning in the 1950s with the erratic atmospheric…

Scientists find medieval plague outbreaks picked up speed over 300 years

Researchers who analyzed thousands of documents covering a 300-year span of plague outbreaks in London, England, have estimated that the disease spread four times faster in the 17th century than it had in the 14th century.

‘Dramatic’ Plunge in London Air Pollution Since 2016, When Mayor Cracked Down

Since Sadiq Khan was elected as Mayor of London in 2016, the famous city on the Thames has seen a dramatic fall in its levels of primary and particulate air pollution. In a peer-reviewed study that looks at the last fouur years of London air policy, researchers from King’s College found that between 2016 and […]

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Oldest securely dated evidence for a river flowing through the Thar Desert, Western India

(Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History) Using luminescence dating of ancient river sediments, a new study published in Quaternary Science Reviews presents evidence for river activity at Nal Quarry in the central Thar Desert starting from approx. 173 thousand years ago. These findings represent the oldest directly dated phase of river activity in the region and indicate Stone Age populations lived in a distinctly different Thar Desert landscape than we encounter today.

Tropical cyclones moving faster in recent decades

(University of Hawaii at Manoa) Tropical cyclones, regionally known as hurricanes or typhoons, have been moving across ocean basins faster since 1982, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Glimpse deep into Earth’s crust finds heat source that may stabilize continents

(Penn State) Rocks from the Rio Grande continental rift have provided a rare snapshot of active geology deep inside Earth’s crust, revealing new evidence for how continents remain stable over billions of years, according to a team of scientists.

Study: Green-Energy Sources Not The ‘Panacea’ Climate Alarmists Claim

A study done by Irish and U.S.-based researchers is calling into question the efficacy of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar in dealing with the so-called climate crisis. In fact, the study found that such energy sources are…