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Will Social Distancing Push More People To Buy Cars Online?

Image: A Tesla Model 3 on show at a Shopping Centre in the United Kingdom. Picture by Keith KuhudzaiElon Musk’s announcement early last year that Tesla was going to closes its stores and shift to all online sales was met with mixed reactions with most people being shocked to hear about the change. Tesla later reversed this decision, opting instead to close only a handful of underperforming stores. In an article covering the [&hellip

70 Reasons Why Tesla Model 3 Is Most Loved Car

Whether you are considering buying a Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, or another electric vehicle, it is probably worth noting that the Model 3 is the most loved car or passenger vehicle in the United States, based on Consumer Reports surveys of vehicle owners of all types. In other words, owners of no other vehicles profess to love their vehicles as much as Model 3 owners do

Tesla Defined The Language The World Now Uses To Talk About EVs

Tesla Model 3 redWe get a lot of flack here at CleanTechnica for being Tesla fanboys, but in reality, we are just a bunch of clean technology nuts that love the things Tesla has done, is doing, and is expected to do out into the future

10 Things To NOT Do In Your Tesla Model 3

Today we’re going to discuss the “things” that a Tesla Model 3 owner should not do to their car. To be clear, these are things that will not improve the ownership experience. These actions also will not extend the life of Model 3 components like the battery, seats, doors, and more

Tesla Beverages In China Look Refreshing

Tesla beersTesla has had a lot of success in China with its EVs and its new factory. However, Tesla Model 3 vehicles that are made in China as well as Model S and X vehicles made in the US aren’t the only thing Tesla is selling there. These Tesla beverages in China look refreshing and delightful

Fun Video Collab: Tesla Model S vs. Tesla Model 3

fun video collabHere is a fun video collaboration brought to you by Tesla Raj and Eli Burton. In this video, we have Tesla Model S vs. Tesla Model 3. However, neither comes out to be the sole winner. The real winner of this fun little competition is anyone who makes the switch from driving gas cars to electric vehicles (EVs)

Tesla Model Y Explosion Going So Differently From Tesla Model 3 Explosion

This is something that has struck me several times, but I haven’t really seen people discussing the matter. It demonstrates, in its own special way, how far Tesla has come in a few short years. There are a few sides to it — production, company health, and stage of Tesla options. I’ll quickly discuss each of these