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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Visualizing cement hydration on a molecular level

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT researchers used Raman microspectroscopy to observe dynamic chemical reactions in cement, which could point the way toward carbon-absorbing concrete designs.

How to slow threats posed by global warming – taosnews

Decisions made and actions taken today will shape the world of 2100. Our planet has been warming dramatically since the 1850s because human activity has been putting a blanket of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. That insulating blanket must be…

The sleight of hand of costly carbon credits – LA Daily News

Something very revealing is going on in the community of climate-change activists and others who believe that climate change equals doom. They’re having a spat over forest carbon offsets. ProPublica and MIT Technology Review reported on a study by a…

The climate is moving to greater and greater extremes — acting now can reduce risks | TheHill – The Hill

The physical risks of climate change are not just looming in the future but have already become very evident today. Projections of rising global temperatures in a just-released World Meteorological Organization report, along with observations from recent years, underscore that the…

An Australian inventor wants to stop global warming by electrifying everything – The Washington Post

AUSTINMER, Australia — During a TED talk, Australian inventor Saul Griffith wanted to show his audience how much a person’s individual choices can affect the planet. The person, in this case, was himself. About this series Climate Visionaries highlights brilliant…

AI-aided search for single-atom-alloy catalysts yields more than 200 promising candidates

(Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech)) Skoltech researchers and their colleagues from China and Germany have presented a new search algorithm for single-atom-alloy catalysts (SAACs) that found more than 200 yet unreported candidates. Their work provides a recipe for finding best SAACs for various applications.

Can Reflecting The Sun’s Rays Slow Down Global Warming? – The Organization for World Peace

Scientists are researching a new way to mitigate the effects of climate change with the creation of an aerosol reflector. The reflector would avert the sun’s rays away from the Earth in hopes of slowing down global warming. This strategy…

MIT unveils a new action plan to tackle the climate crisis

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT has released an ambitious new plan for action to address the world’s accelerating climate crisis. The plan, titled “Fast Forward: MIT’s Climate Action Plan for the decade,” includes a broad array of new initiatives and significant expansions of existing programs, to address the needs for new technologies, new policies, and new kinds of outreach to bring the Institute’s expertise to bear on this critical global issue.

Amazing Tech Developed by Private Firms Are on the Verge of Creating Nuclear Fusion Reactors to Power Humanity

While industries are harnessing solar, hydro, and geothermal power to solve the world’s energy problems, it’s been thought by many for sometime that the eventual source of unlimited clean energy will be nuclear fusion. Fusion reactors replicate the power and process of the sun down here on Earth by creating plasma, the fourth material state, […]

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