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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Media Claims Climate Change Threatening Coffee Yields As Harvests Soar

There is no animal or plant in the natural world that can’t be used to promote climate Armageddon and its collectivist Net Zero political solution. On Sunday, the WWF, also known as the World Wildlife Fund, started running a series…

Half The World At Risk Of Starvation Under Net Zero, Warn Top Climate Experts

Billions of people around the world face starvation if Net Zero policies ban the production of nitrogen fertilizer derived from fossil fuels. This is the stark warning from two top American scientists who say that eliminating fossil fuel-derived nitrogen fertilizers…

Meteorologist: Climate Change Won’t Drive Future US Hurricane Damage Losses

An article in Axios, written by Andrew Freedman, claims increased hurricane winds due to rising temperatures driven by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations may result in more hurricane damage losses along the US East Coast, Florida Coasts, and the Gulf Coast….

Hurricane wind risk to grow in US amid climate change: Report – USA TODAY

Increasingly destructive hurricanes will put more and more U.S. homes at risk for wind damage, according to a new report that allows Americans to look up projections for their specific address. Published Monday by the First Street Foundation, the analysis uses a new wind model,…

Researchers want to create a dust shield in space to fight climate change – The Washington Post

Imagine a world where global warming on Earth has meaningfully diminished. Fossil fuels are on the back burner. Affordable renewable energy sources run most of our activities. Oh, and there’s a cannon on the moon shooting lunar dust into space…

Jordan Peterson’s ‘zombie’ climate contrarianism follows a well-worn path | Temperature Check

Canadian psychologist and darling of conservatives and the alt-right, Jordan Peterson, has been on an all-out attack on the science of climate change and the risks of global heating. Peterson has 6.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and his…

Secret to Durability of Roman Concrete that Has Stood Test of Time for Over 2,000 Years Finally Discovered

When it comes to explaining Roman engineering, people looking to demonstrate their genius have a variety of use cases, but the secret to why their concrete has remained when even modern buildings crumble after just a few years of disuse has eluded scientists. However at MIT, scientists have cracked their concrete code to show that […]

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