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Why does Arrokoth look like a snowman?

Meet Arrokoth – the most distant object yet visited by earthlings – seen by the New Horizons spacecraft in early 2019. It’s very old, one of the first generation of objects in our solar system. Here’s why it looks like a snowman.

Will we get an egg tonight at the North nest? Maybe…

A quick reminder – there is a reasonably good chance we could see egg #1 at the Decorah North nest tonight…although only DNF knows for sure. We’ve got some North Nestflix for everyone pacing the delivery room floor with us tonight!…

How often do you really need to shower?

If you don’t shower much — but generally keep that information to yourself because of the negative stigma — you’re not alone. Following hot on the heels of the no-shampooing hair care revolution, some folks are taking the logical next…

Photos: When the moon hid Mars

The moon will cover Mars 5 times in 2020, but the occultation on February 18, 2020 was the only one that will be accessible to viewers in much of North and Central America. Photos from the EarthSky Community here.

Bernie Gets Pranked Into Believing He’s Talking To Greta Thunberg

Two Russian pranksters who have a YouTube Channel (Vovan222prank) set up a phone call with U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (S-VT), in which they impersonated Greta Thunberg and her father Svante. Throughout the phone call, which they animated,…

Fast-charging, long-running, bendy energy storage breakthrough

(University College London) A new bendable supercapacitor made from graphene, which charges quickly and safely stores a record-high level of energy for use over a long period, has been developed and demonstrated by UCL and Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers.