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Bloomberg’s Climate Lawyers Quietly Promote Green Agenda In State Govt.’s

Other Democratic presidential primary contenders may push the Green New Deal, but Michael R. Bloomberg is advancing his climate change agenda behind the scenes with the help of one Democratic state attorney general at a time. Since its founding in…

Appeasement Backfires: Climate Alarmists Now Attack Planting Trees

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is championing a proposal to show the GOP is serious about climate change, but climate activists are already trashing the proposal as weak and misguided. McCarthy’s proposal illustrates the trap awaiting Republican policymakers who…


Feeding bluebirds might help them in a surprising way

Bluebirds mainly eat insects, so they often show little interest in backyard bird feeders — unless you’re serving mealworms. There are potential pros and cons with feeding wild birds, but if it’s done right, it can provide a valuable boost…


CLIMATE IMPACTS: Ice fishing, a Minn. tradition, cracks as winters warm

BEMIDJI, Minn. — Subzero temperatures are money in the bank for this small Minnesota city roughly 100 miles from the Canadian border. But this year its favorite winter pastime — ice fishing — has ground to a halt. Not a single person is fishing on Lake Bemidji because the ice is too thin.

Irondale High School Students Push For Action To Address Global Warming – CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Twin Cities high school has a resolution for the New Year: It’s committing to be more green by setting a big goal. Three Irondale High school students asked the administration to commit to 100% clean energy…


Glimpse into ancient hunting strategies of dragonflies and damselflies

Dragonflies and damselflies are animals that may appear gentle but are, in fact, ancient hunters. The closely related insects shared an ancestor over 250 million years ago — long before dinosaurs — and provide a glimpse into how an ancient neural system controlled precise and swift aerial assaults.

What you can see on fee-free days at U.S. national parks this year

The United States has so many national parks and protected wilderness areas to explore, but some of those spots have entrance fees or activities fees. While the fees help to support the sites, they can sometimes sting the wallet. Luckily,…

Climate change: Oceans hotter than ever before, new study reveals – DW (English)

The world’s oceans are warmer than ever — and they are getting warmer faster, according to a new report. In a development that provides yet further evidence of global warming, the study, published in the Chinese journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, found…

Climate change: If you worry about global warming, the next car you buy should be electric – USA TODAY

If you’re concerned about climate change, the next car you buy really should be electric.  Why? Because the average car, SUV or light truck in the United States is on the road for 11.8 years. So vehicles bought this coming year…