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News about Climate Change and our Planet


How climate change will affect Thanksgiving food – Washington Post – The Washington Post

Climate change has officially arrived at our Thanksgiving tables. As the past year has made even more clear, the consequences of a warming world have challenged farmers and food systems throughout the United States. Drought, blistering heat waves and raging…

Global warming goes from blazes to blazers – The Sydney Morning Herald

Pritam Ghosh of Beverley Park reckons global warming hits different countries in different ways: “While Australia has more bushfires, in England, Lord’s Cricket Ground authorities have had to allow members to remove their jackets.” “Being a thrifty (and clean) person,…

Rare Canadian Cat Has Thumbs Making His Paws Look Like Cute Mittens

Meet Teddy, the adorable polydactyl cat who was born with extra toes that make his front paws look, like human hands. Three-year-old domestic shorthair Teddy is a polydactyl, which means he has extra toes on his hind feet and two thumbs which makes his front paws look like mittens. Teddy, who lives with his owner […]

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How workers unknowingly fund the climate crisis with their pensions

In early October, an oil pipeline owned by Amplify Energy spilled into the ocean in southern California. Up to 132,000 gallons of crude oil leaked into the waters off the coast of Orange county, possibly the largest oil spill in…

Here’s why the COP26 global climate change conference matters to Minnesotans – SC Times

Dozens of Minnesotans will be among the delegates from 197 countries at COP26, the 26th United Nations climate change conference hosted in Scotland this year.  “My personal feeling is that global warming is death by a thousand cuts,” said Lee Morgan,…

Propane Heating Costs Hit Highest Level Since 2011 As Frigid Winter Looms

Propane heating costs in the U.S. rocketed to $2.59 per gallon this month, the highest level in a decade, as winter quickly approaches, the federal government said Friday. The average cost of propane during the first four weeks of the…

Istanbul Improves the Lives of its Thousands of Stray Cats with Elaborate Outdoor Cat Houses

In Istanbul, a city of 15 million people that’s famous for its relaxed attitude towards stray cats, groups of volunteers build elaborate houses for their feline neighbors. There, cats can find donated food and toys, cushions and boxes to keep them out of harsh weather, and even a new owner if they’re lucky. It all […]

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Joe Manchin reportedly opposes key Biden climate program – NPR

Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, speaks to members of the media while departing the U.S. Capitol on Oct. 7. Manchin has reportedly told the White House that he opposes the key climate measure in Biden’s multitrillion-dollar climate…

Key to Biden’s Climate Agenda Like to Be Cut Because of Manchin – The New York Times

Democratic presidents have tried but failed to enact climate change legislation since the Clinton administration. During a year of record and deadly droughts, wildfires, storms and floods that scientists say are worsened by climate change, Democrats had hoped to finally…

Warming Trends: A Delay in Autumn Leaves, More Bad News for Corals and the Vicious Cycle of War and Eco-Des… – InsideClimate News

SCIENCE The Terrible Link Between Conflict and Environmental Assault War and ecological degradation often go hand in hand and, after 20 years of unrelenting conflict, Afghanistan faces the most dire ecological threats of any country, according to a new report. …

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