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Scientists unearth green treasure — albeit rusty — in the soil

New research helps explain how iron in the soil may unlock naturally occurring phosphorus bound in organic matter, which can be used in fertilizer, so that one day farmers may be able to reduce the amount of artificial fertilizers applied to fields.

Without Mining, There Is No ‘Green Revolution’

The recent threats by Beijing to cut off American access to critical mineral imports has many Americans wondering why our politicians have allowed the United States to become so overly-dependent on China for these valued resources in the first place….

Joe Biden’s ‘Clean Energy Revolution’ An American Calamity

Presidential candidate Joe Biden recently announced his “Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice.” While it might be viewed as a Green New Deal Lite, the plan would inflict enormous economic, environmental and societal pain on most of…

What is arsenic and why is it bad for you?

In recent years, there have been reports about high arsenic levels in products such as apple juice and rice. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced its concerns and has investigated, how worried should a consumer be? Here’s what…


MINING: Project’s approval seals Australia’s commitment to coal

Australia has approved Adani Group’s controversial coal project that opens up a new mining region and puts the world’s biggest exporter further at odds with the global movement to phase out the fuel.

Bitcoin causing CO2 emissions comparable to Hamburg

(Technical University of Munich (TUM)) The use of Bitcoin causes around 22 megatons in CO2 emissions annually — comparable to the total emissions of cities such as Hamburg or Las Vegas. That is the conclusion of the most detailed analysis to date of the cryptocurrency’s carbon footprint. For their study, an interdisciplinary team of researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) analyzed such data as the IPO filings of hardware manufacturers and the IP addresses of Bitcoin ‘miners.’