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Nature is Critical to Slowing Climate Change, But It Can Only Do So If We Help It First – InsideClimate News

No matter how many solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars are built between now and 2030, the world won’t meet its increasingly ambitious climate targets without a lot of help from forests, fields and oceans.  “Achieving net-zero by 2050…

Al Roker Praises Biden’s EPA For Driving Fossil-Fueled Cars Off The Road

Launching NBC’s week of left-wing environmentalist propaganda leading up to Earth Day, on NBC’s 3rd Hour Today show Monday morning, co-host Al Roker sat down for a softball chat with the Biden administration’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency (pictured,…

Tech billionaires are obsessed with climate change — but some question if they’re focusing on the right areas – CNBC

Combination: Jeff Bezos (L), Elon Musk (C) and Bill Gates (R). Reuters Climate change appears to be high on the agenda for tech billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates but some are questioning whether they’re focusing their…

Global Warming Solutions, Inc. Announces Closing of Private Placement – Yahoo Finance

TipRanks Goldman Sachs Bets on These 3 Stocks; Sees Over 50% Upside Potential What goes up must come down, as we all know. This fact of physics is the underlying worry of the stock market, that fuels our suspicions of…

Top electronics brands, global organizations launch alliance for circular electronics

(Terry Collins Assoc) Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Vodafone and other electronics brands representing nearly $6 trillion total market cap join a new alliance to set a shared vision for a circular economy for electronics, releasing a roadmap and vision on how the industry will accelerate the circular transition.The companies have been convened to dramatically reduce e-waste by a group of global organizations, supported by the World Economic Forum and World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Net-zero emissions targets are vague: three ways to fix –

COMMENT 16 March 2021 To limit warming, action plans from countries and companies must be fair, rigorous and transparent. Joeri Rogelj, Joeri Rogelj is director of research at the Grantham Institute – Climate Change & the Environment, Imperial College London,…


10 Devices That Contain Lithium-Ion Batteries & How To Dispose Of Them

In a lithium-ion battery, the anode and cathode hold the lithium ions. An electrolyte carries the lithium ions from one area to the other through the part called the separator. The movement between the anode and cathode creates the electrical charge at the positive and negative parts of the battery.As an electric current is used […]