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Viewing Saturn’s rings soon? Read me 1st

The best time of 2019 for seeing Saturn’s glorious rings is upon us. You’ve seen the photos, but maybe you want to see the rings with your own eyes? Here are a few things to think about.

Famous rescue dog Frida earns her retirement

[embedded content] Wearing serious goggles, all-terrain boots and a khaki padded vest, Frida the search and rescue dog is a social media hero. But it’s her amazing life-saving work and not her style that has earned her accolades. In her…


Arsenic found in bottled water sold at major retailers

Major companies Whole Foods and Keurig Dr. Pepper are under fire for their spring water brands Peñafiel and Starkey, which, according to the California Center for Environmental Health, exceed the federal limit for arsenic.

The climate crisis and the end of the golden era of food choice –

Imagine waking up in a world that has become so hot and so crowded that most of what you eat has disappeared from the grocery store altogether. Or imagine eating only genetically engineered foods or a diet of exclusively liquid…

Blue States Roll Out Aggressive Climate Strategies. Red States Keep to the Sidelines. – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — At a time when the country is already deeply fractured along partisan lines, individual states are starting to pursue vastly different policies on climate change with the potential to cement an economic and social divide for years to…


Groundwater pumping has significantly reduced US stream flows

Groundwater pumping in the last century has contributed as much as 50% to stream flow declines in some US rivers. This is the first study to examine the impact of past groundwater pumping across the entire US. Previous research examined how groundwater pumping affected surface waters, but at smaller scales. The researchers compared what US surface waters would have been like without consumptive uses with changes since large-scale groundwater pumping began in the 1950s.

Camera trap captures rare high-definition photos of a jaguar in the wild

Jaguars are the third-largest cat species on Earth, smaller only than lions and tigers, and the largest one left in the Americas. They’re incredibly sneaky despite their size, though, and, excel at fading into the background. They may have been…