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Meeting of the Midcontinent: Geosciences from Canada to Mexico

(Geological Society of America) The Geological Society of America’s North-Central Section and South-Central Section will each hold their 55th Annual Meetings together in an online event on 18-20 April this year. The meeting will have a diverse range of technical sessions, field trips, and student mentoring opportunities. The platform will emphasize creating as much interaction and communication among attendees as possible in an online environment.


EXTREME WEATHER: Western rivers face pinch as another dry year takes shape

As several states in the American West face intense drought, it’s shaping up to be a very difficult year for New Mexico farmers because of limited irrigation supplies, with some saying conditions haven’t been this dire since the 1950s.

Assessing the impacts of nodule mining on the deep-sea environment

(Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel (GEOMAR)) Scientists of the JPI Oceans project “MiningImpact” are embarking on a 6-week long expedition to the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone (CCZ) in the Pacific. Their goal is to carry out an independent scientific monitoring of the test of a prototype nodule collector machine conducted at the same time by the Belgian company Global Sea Resources (GSR).

Louisiana wetlands could ease — or worsen — climate change. Curbing erosion could make the difference. – Houma Courier

A new report adds to growing research showing Louisiana’s coastal wetlands could play a key role in stemming the rising tides, damaging weather and other threats posed by climate change. But the report, a paper published last week by scientists at Louisiana’s…

Xin Zhang receives NSF CAREER Award

(University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science) The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Assistant Professor Xin Zhang a Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) Award to lead a five-year research program to help understand how to align the interest and action of various stakeholders in the agro-food system with nitrogen pollution reduction in the watershed.


Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs gave birth to the Amazon rainforest

The asteroid that hit Earth 66 million years ago eliminated plant-trampling dinosaurs and rained fertilising ash on South America’s rainforests, letting flowering plants take over what used to be mostly coniferous forests

Treasury Sec. Cites Climate Change As One Of The Biggest ‘Emerging Risks’

Democrats found another opportunity to tackle their pet project of climate change. On Wednesday, Sec. of Treasury Janet Yellen made her inaugural remarks as head of the Financial Stability Oversight Council. In reporting on Sec. Yellen’s remarks, Politico’s Victoria Guida…

NOAA study shows promise of forecasting meteotsunamis

(NOAA Headquarters) On the afternoon of April 13, 2018, a large wave of water surged across Lake Michigan and flooded the shores of the picturesque beach town of Ludington, Michigan, damaging homes and boat docks, and flooding intake pipes. Thanks to a local citizen’s photos and other data, NOAA scientists reconstructed the event in models and determined this was the first ever documented meteotsunami in the Great Lakes caused by an atmospheric inertia-gravity wave.

Climate change needs ‘immediate’ action or the world could face economic damage of $1.7trn a year by 2025, experts warn – Sky News

The world needs to take “drastic action” to tackle climate change and failing to address it immediately could cost the global economy $1.7trn (£1.24trn) a year by 2025, experts have warned. The economic damage may rise to about $30trn a…

This High Schooler Invented Color-Changing Sutures to Detect Infection

In the country’s oldest science fair, 17-year old high schooler Dasia Taylor submitted a surgical suture that changes colors to warn of possible infections. This invention, aimed at helping surgery patients in Africa detect infections before they become serious, elevated Dasia into the 40 finalists of the national Regeneron Science Talent Search.  The sutures are […]

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