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NASA selects 16 futuristic space technology concepts

NASA has selected 16 cool new futuristic space technology concepts for further study. Four of them are from NASA’s own Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), including a railway system on the moon to move cargo.

Climate change vs agriculture: Can one farming method—conventional, organic or agroecology—help slow global warming? – Genetic Literacy Project

Climate change and agriculture appear joined at the hip. Agriculture—through methane, carbon dioxide, and land use—has had an impact on the global climate. And climate change—through drought, heat, and pests—will have an impact on agriculture, reducing yields and making farming…

How much longer will the oxygen-rich atmosphere be sustained on Earth?

(Toho University ) Earth’s modern atmosphere contains copious amounts of molecular oxygen (O2), representing an important remotely detectable sign of life. However, a fundamental question of how much longer the Earth’s oxygen-rich atmosphere will persist into the far future remains uncertain. A new study finds that a highly-oxygenated atmosphere is not a permanent feature even for Earth, which has implications for the search for life beyond the solar system.

In stopping climate change, time is as important as tech | Greenbiz – GreenBiz

This article originally appeared on the author’s personal blog, and was written in that capacity. Italics are the author’s. The only sure path to stop climate change is to zero out greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. That’s it. As…

Global warming can be stopped – The Manila Times – The Manila Times

One of the most famous and committed protectors of the natural world and defender of the planet is David Attenborough. He gave a speech online to the members of the United Nations Security Council on climate change and security this…

Climate change and the future of the Granite State –

By Jack Hurley New Hampshire is a wonderful place to live. For now, we are fortunate to have an abundant variety of mutually beneficial ecosystems, including forests, mountains, wetlands, lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Together they support essential plant and…

Spanish City is Squeezing Green Electricity From Leftover Oranges

Seville: home to palaces, oranges, and now, a brilliant civic recycling innovative that will see millions of tons of fruit being turned into electricity. When the spring air lies thick with the smell of orange blossoms and the city is at its most beautiful, most non-residents will be unaware that many of the 5.7 million […]

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How Exactly Does Carbon Dioxide Cause Global Warming? – State of the Planet

“You Asked” is a series where Earth Institute experts tackle reader questions on science and sustainability. Over the past few years, we’ve received a lot of questions about carbon dioxide — how it traps heat, how it can have such…

OU study highlights need for improving methane emission database

(University of Oklahoma) A University of Oklahoma-led study published in 2020 revealed that both area and plant growth of paddy rice is significantly related to the spatial-temporal dynamics of atmospheric methane concentration in monsoon Asia, where 87% of the world’s paddy rice fields are situated. Now, the same international research team has identified the limits and insufficiency of the major greenhouse emission database (EDGAR) in estimating paddy rice methane emissions.