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Global Warming Could Lead to Collapse of More than One-Third of Antarctic Ice Shelf – AZoCleantech

Written by AZoCleantechApr 9 2021 A new study shows that over one-third of the Antarctic’s ice shelf area could be at risk of crumbling into the sea if global temperatures increase to 4°C above pre-industrial levels. Image Credit: AndreAnita/ The comprehensive study…

Third of Antarctic ice shelf area at collapse risk due to global warming: Study – The Hindu

They noted that when melted ice accumulates on the surface of ice shelves, it can make them fracture and collapse spectacularly. Over a third of the Antarctic’s ice shelf area may be at risk of collapsing into the sea if…

Climate change: 4C temperature increase could risk major collapse of ice surrounding Antarctica, scientists say – Sky News

Ice surrounding Antarctica could be at risk of collapsing if global temperatures increase by 4C, experts warn. Research from the University of Reading found that more than a third of the Antarctic ice shelf area could collapse and release “unimaginable…

Third of Antarctic ice shelf area at risk of collapse as planet warms

(University of Reading) Study shows highest warming scenario would put 34% of Antarctic’s ice shelf area at risk of fracture and collapse from melting and run-off – including 67% of the Antarctic Peninsular ice shelf area. This would allow glaciers to flow freely into the sea causing sea level rise.

Sohn: It’s not just a tree, it’s a climate change fighter – Chattanooga Times Free Press

Joyce Kilmer immortalized trees for most of us. He wrote: “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is prest against the earth’s sweet flowing breast; a tree that looks…

Melting ice sheets caused sea levels to rise up to 18 metres

(Durham University) It is well known that climate-induced sea level rise is a major threat. New research has found that previous ice loss events could have caused sea-level rise at rates of around 3.6 metres per century, offering vital clues as to what lies ahead should climate change continue unabated.

New GSA Bulletin articles published ahead of print in March

(Geological Society of America) The Geological Society of America regularly publishes articles online ahead of print. For March, GSA Bulletin topics include multiple articles about the dynamics of China and Tibet; the ups and downs of the Missouri River; the Los Rastros Formation, Argentina; the Olympic Mountains of Washington State; methane seep deposits; meandering rivers; and the northwest Hawaiian Ridge. You can find these articles at