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Why understanding your body temperature matters right now

Until recently, you probably only thought about your body temperature around flu season. But during the pandemic, knowing your body temperature is critical because fever can be one of the key symptoms of COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus….

Ocean waves play a critical role in shaping our economy, weather and climate

(World Scientific) Leading international researchers share their latest research on ocean wave dynamics. Topics covered include both traditional fields of research for wind-generated waves: air-sea interaction, nonlinear processes, dissipation, extreme value analysis, and those gaining importance more recently: connection of waves with large-scale processes such as ocean mixing and climate. Modern methods for wave research: phase-resolving and spectral wave modelling, satellite remote sensing are also included.


Caves tell us that Australia’s mountains are still growing

Research shows Buchan Caves to be about 3.5 million years old and that Victoria’s East Gippsland has remained tectonically active for long times, even into the present-day, which is why residents occasionally report earthquakes. Basically, the uplifting Southern Alps in New Zealand have made stress and strain on the Australian tectonic plate, stress that is then expressed as earthquakes and rising landscapes in Victoria. It’s rather amazing that the caves recorded this geological signal all the way from NZ.

3D-printed system speeds up solar cell testing from hours to minutes

(ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science) Tests on new designs for next-gen solar cells can now be done in minutes instead of days thanks to a new system built by scientists at Australia’s Monash University, incorporating 3D-printed key components.

Revealed: FOIA Requests Expose ABC’s Climate Activism Down Under

As reported by Chris Kenny in The Australian today, over 300 pages of Freedom of Information documents obtained by free-market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs have exposed the motives behind the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) staff initiated ‘Climate…

Aviation growth disrupted, time for a moratorium on airport expansion, reassesment of aviation climate impact

IATA forward projections for aviation due to the pandemic There should be an immediate moratorium on the Melbourne Airport 3rd runway design and construction due to aviation forward growth projections being now out of date due to the impact of…