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News about Climate Change and our Planet

McGill University

Mountain fires burning higher at unprecedented rates

(McGill University) Forest fires have crept higher up mountains over the past few decades, scorching areas previously too wet to burn, according to researchers from McGill University. As wildfires advance uphill, a staggering 11% of all Western US forests are now at risk.

Clues from soured milk reveal how gold veins form

(McGill University) For decades scientists have been puzzled by the formation of rare hyper-enriched gold deposits. How do they form so quickly? Studying examples from the Brucejack Mine in British Columbia, McGill Professor Anthony Williams-Jones and PhD student Duncan McLeish have discovered that these gold deposits form much like soured milk.

Which animals will survive climate change?

(McGill University) Climate change is exacerbating problems like habitat loss and temperatures swings that have already pushed many animal species to the brink. But can scientists predict which animals will be able to adapt and survive? Using genome sequencing, researchers from McGill University show that some fish, like the threespine stickleback, can adapt very rapidly to extreme seasonal changes. Their findings could help scientists forecast the evolutionary future of these populations.

Catastrophic Sea-Level Rise From Antarctic Melting Possible if Paris Climate Agreement Isn’t Met – SciTechDaily

If Paris Agreement targets are not met, the collapse of melting Antarctic ice shelves — like the Wilkins Ice Shelf in 2009 — could cause catastrophic global sea level rise in the second half of the century. Credit: NASA Antarctic…

Catastrophic sea-level rise from Antarctic melting possible with severe global warming – EurekAlert

The Antarctic ice sheet is much less likely to become unstable and cause dramatic sea-level rise in upcoming centuries if the world follows policies that keep global warming below a key 2015 Paris climate agreement target, according to a Rutgers…

Catastrophic Sea-Level Rise from Antarctic Melting is Possible with Severe Global Warming – Rutgers Today

Antarctic ice sheet is more likely to remain stable if Paris climate agreement is met If Paris Agreement targets are not met, the collapse of melting Antarctic ice shelves – like the Wilkins Ice Shelf in 2009 – could cause…

Radio waves from famous FRB surprisingly long and late

Astronomers have managed to detect very long wavelength radio emission from a well-studied, repeating fast radio burst, called FRB 20180916B. What’s more, the longer wavelengths arrive 3 days after the shorter wavelength counterpart of the signal!

Hidden magma pools pose eruption risks that we can’t yet detect

(Geological Society of America) Volcanologists’ ability to estimate eruption risks is largely reliant on knowing where pools of magma are stored, deep in the Earth’s crust. But what happens if the magma can’t be spotted?

A Damaged Amazon Rainforest Is A Net-Contributor To Global Warming – Intelligent Living

Rainforests help offset emissions from fossil fuel burning because they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In recent years, scientists have been worried that deforestation, drought, carbon emissions, and rising temperatures reduce the world’s rainforests’ capacity to absorb CO2 –…