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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Global Warming Is Already Destroying New England’s Fisheries – The New Republic

To wake up in the Northeastern United States—as California blazes and Japan digs itself out of typhoon damage—is to experience an uneasy gratitude for all that is not burning, battered or underwater. Seven years out from Superstorm Sandy, we know…

Is daylight time worth the trouble?

This is the weekend we “fall back” here in the U.S. Are you glad? Sad? Mad? Advocates say daylight time saves energy and wins wars. Studies show injuries and illnesses rise when clocks change.

10 reasons swearing is good for you

There’s something about a good curse word that has a healing effect. Whether it’s a G-rated oath or a full-scale f-bomb, profanity helps in some situations, and science backs that up. Researchers say there are plenty of ways that cursing…

System provides cooling with no electricity

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Imagine a device that can sit outside under blazing sunlight on a clear day, and without using any power cool things down by more than 23 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius). It almost sounds like magic, but a new system designed by researchers at MIT and in Chile can do exactly that.

Nigerian Damilola Ogunbiyi Gets Top UN Sustainable Energy Job

The first woman to lead the charge for electrification in rural Nigeria said access to power would ‘unlock’ the sustainable development goals. Damilola Ogunbiyi, the first woman head of the Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency, has been appointed to lead the…

Safeguarding our water supply

(University of Delaware) University of Delaware environmental engineer Chin-Pao Huang has been studying ways to remove perchlorate from drinking water for nearly a decade. Now, Huang and Po-Yen Wang, a former doctoral student, have patented a novel membrane that can selectively filter perchlorate from drinking water.

Massachusetts Sues Exxon Over Climate Change, Accusing the Oil Giant of Fraud

Exxon is facing allegations of deceptive advertising, misleading investors and actions that threaten the world economy.  It’s already on trial in New York. Oil giant ExxonMobil, already fighting a climate-related investor fraud case in New York, has been hit with…