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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate Change is Weakening the Ocean Currents That Shape Weather on Both Sides of the Atlantic – InsideClimate News

Since the end of the last ice age, a swirling system of ocean-spanning currents has churned consistently in the Atlantic, distributing heat energy along the ocean surface from the tropics toward the poles, with heavy, cold water slowly flowing back…

New model describes wave behavior in straits, predicts killer waves

(Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech)) A Skoltech researcher has developed a theoretical model of wave formation in straits and channels that accounts for nonlinear effects in the presence of a coastline. This research can improve wave prediction, making maritime travel safer and protecting coastline infrastructure.

Texas Crisis Exposes a Nation’s Vulnerability to Climate Change – Yahoo News

Even as Texas struggled to restore electricity and water over the past week, signs of the risks posed by increasingly extreme weather to America’s aging infrastructure were cropping up across the country. The week’s continent-spanning winter storms triggered blackouts in…

Is climate change behind the week’s extreme winter weather? Experts are divided – San Antonio Report

Sign up for The Daily Reach, and get all the news that’s fit for your inbox. Blizzard-like blasts slammed Texas over the past week, barreling across an underprepared infrastructure and leaving millions across the state without electricity or water.  While…

Texas crisis exposes a nation’s vulnerability to climate change –

Snow begins to accumulate as San Antonio police officers gather near the Alamo, February 18, 2021, in downtown San Antonio. (PC-AP Photo/Eric Gay) Even as Texas struggled to restore electricity and water over the past week, signs of the risks…

Texas flunks climate change test as its energy grid freezes up – CBS News

Four days after a massive snowstorm pummeled Texas, the state is still struggling with an unprecedented and deadly blackout. Nearly 3 million people in the state were without power on Wednesday morning while nuclear facilities, natural-gas plants and wind farms…

NASA-funded network tracks the recent rise and fall of ozone depleting pollutants

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) A short-lived resurgence in the emission of ozone depleting pollutants in eastern China will not significantly delay the recovery of Earth’s protective ‘sunscreen’ layer, according to new research published Feb. 10 in Nature.

Texas blackouts show power grid can’t handle climate change – Los Angeles Times

When a few hundred thousand California homes and businesses lost power for several hours last summer, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wrote that the Golden State “is now unable to perform even basic functions of civilization, like having reliable electricity.” What…

How icebergs really melt — and what this could mean for climate change

(University of Sydney) Iceberg melt is responsible for about half the fresh water entering the ocean from the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. Accurately modelling how it enters is important for understanding potential impact on ocean circulation.