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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate scientists are turning to protest in desperation – The Washington Post

Placeholder while article actions load As Rose Abramoff chained herself to the White House fence, she was more worried about securing the lock than getting arrested. Police milled around on the morning of April 6 and she had to act…

Federal Court Denies Indiana AG-aided Attempt to Review Major Climate Change Lawsuit – Indiana Environmental Reporter

A federal appeals court blocked a multi-state effort aided by Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita to help major petrochemical companies appeal a decision to give a Maryland state court jurisdiction over a major climate change lawsuit. The U.S. Court of…

Heat waves, floods and heavy rain: India battling climate change and it is getting worse, warn experts – The Financial Express

The spectre of climate change is here to stay and even worsen, say climate scientists as searing winds blow across swathes of north India, including New Delhi where temperatures have crossed 49 degrees Celsius, and flash floods ravage parts of…

Annapolis-based nonprofit prepares to set sail for Greenland to study climate change on the newly commissioned sailboat – Capital Gazette

There’s a saying among oceanographers that the bigger your ship, the better your research. The Annapolis-based Ocean Research Project would like to prove that adage wrong. Saturday at City Dock, the nonprofit commissioned its newest research vessel, the R/V Marie…

Electric Vehicle Charging Sparks Multiple House Fires

About three weeks ago in Ashburn, Virginia, there was an electric vehicle charging malfunction that started a fire in a garage and caused more than $15,000 in damages. That was not the only fire sparked by an electric vehicle, WTOP…

There’s a ‘Man in the Moon’: Why Our Brains See Faces Everywhere – And Monkeys Do Too

It’s so commonplace we barely give it a second thought, but human brains seem hardwired to see human faces where there are none—in objects as varied as the moon, toys, plastic bottles, tree trunks, and vacuum cleaners. Some have even seen an imagined Jesus in cheese on toast. Until now scientists haven’t understood exactly what […]

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How You Think About Your Pain Can Make it Worse – But New Reprocessing Treatment Offers Cure

Could thinking about chronic pain differently succeed in dispelling it when all other treatments have failed? While statements like “mind over matter” or “it’s all in your head” may sound dismissive, there’s some truth to them. A new neurological recalibrating processes is experiencing a flood of professional interest—as it could help treat patients with chronic […]

The post How You Think About Your Pain Can Make it Worse – But New Reprocessing Treatment Offers Cure appeared first on Good News Network.

Report: Oregon has $5.3B invested in fossil fuel companies – Oregon Public Broadcasting

FILE – Cargo vessels are seen anchored offshore, sharing space with oil platforms, before heading into the Los Angeles-Long Beach port on Oct. 5, 2021. The Oregon State Treasury has at least $5.3 billion invested in fossil fuel companies, environmental…

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