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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Business, Unions, Environment Organisations outline Australian clean energy transition vital for jobs and new export revenues

There has been a range of reports just published on why Australia should accelerate transition and transformation to a clean economy and phase out Fossil Fuels. The Business Council of Australia On Sunday 10 October The Business Council Of Australia…

Biden Hypes Solar While Sending Production To Mega-Polluter China

President Joe Biden reiterated his commitment to reaching net-zero emissions by mid-century through prioritizing the use of solar-charged battery power in CNN’s town hall on Thursday. “We’re significantly reducing the amount, the cost of solar panels on your roof,” Biden…


What Are The Easiest Materials to Recycle?

Have you ever stopped to think about what happens to the items you put out in your recycling bin? What about the ones you bring to a recycling center? Each goes through a process of collection, processing, and eventual reuse.Some items are more challenging to recycle than others. That’s why you start to run into […]

Wind energy could cut global warming by up to 0.8 degrees C, says report – Landscape News

For the latest climate change science, join the Global Landscapes Forum at COP 26 for GLF Climate (5-7 November, 2021). The amount of wind that blows across the planet could fulfill the world’s electricity demand many times over. Yet 63.3 percent of the world’s electricity…

How China Made A Mockery Of Boris Johnson’s New Green Jobs Boast

A bleak autumn day at Methil on the south Fife coast. In front of us, the once-thriving yard where some of the North Sea’s biggest oil and gas platforms were built is almost empty. There’s just mud, puddles, and piles…

Energy Crisis Grips The World: Lights Go Out In Lebanon

Countries around the world are feeling the brunt of the global energy crisis. Some Chinese provinces are rationing electricity, Europeans are paying exorbitant prices for liquefied gas and Lebanon has run out of centrally-generate electricity. Furthermore, India is close to…

Even If Global Warming Reverses, Climate Alarmists Won’t Let Reality Sway A Useful Narrative – The Federalist

The German center-left won a tight election on Sept. 26, with the top three parties campaigning on climate change and post-pandemic economic recovery. After almost 200 people died in Germany due to flooding over the summer — blamed on climate…

Industry Adapts to Global Warming – Advanced Manufacturing

For many of us who came of age in the late 60s and early 70s, Stephen Stills’ “For What It’s Worth” was one of the anthems of our generation. Performed by the legendary but short-lived Buffalo Springfield band, the song…

Making Clean Hydrogen Energy Is Hard, But Researchers Just Solved a Major Hurdle

For decades, researchers around the world have searched for ways to use solar power to generate the key reaction for producing hydrogen as a clean energy source—splitting water molecules to form hydrogen and oxygen. However, such efforts have mostly failed because doing it well was too costly, and trying to do it at a low […]

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