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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Why the US Northeast Coast Is a Global Warming Hot Spot – State of the Planet

Heat Linked to Rising Ocean Temperatures, Altered Wind Patterns From Maine to Delaware, the coastal U.S. Northeast is heating faster than most regions of North America, and a new study shows why. It links the outsize heating to unusually fast-rising…

Why is the Northeast coast a global warming hotspot? –

It is a well known fact that climate change will heat up the Earth, but new research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst has focused on exactly how fast global warming will affect the Northeast coast of the United States…

Forum: Preparing for local fallback from climate change –

Given the wide range of weather/climate disruptions witnessed during past decades – e.g., severe droughts on the West Coast/middle America, some concomitant with raging wild fires, torrential rains and 100- and 500-year flood events, record-setting heat waves, more numerous/ stronger…

Millie LaFontaine: The entanglements of climate change – Concord Monitor

During the pandemic, we have come to recognize more clearly that the world outside our doors is not something to guard against, but a safe haven against a lethal viral enemy. We are starting to recognize one more way our…

Why Climate Policy Should Be Built On Resilience, Not Delusion

I was infinitely more fortunate than many, many people, but my Wednesday evening still did not go entirely as planned. I emerged from a cinema to find a downpour, the subway down, and that cabs were nowhere to be seen. Passing on…

Youth is Fighting Microplastic Pollution with Magnet Water After Winning Google Science Fair

A young Irishman has come up with his own “cool science-y method” to solve the microplastic pollution conundrum, winning Google’s international science fair in the process. By mixing magnetized iron oxide and vegetable oil, he created a kind of liquid magnet that collects microplastics which can then be removed via magnetism, leaving only glistening water […]

The post Youth is Fighting Microplastic Pollution with Magnet Water After Winning Google Science Fair appeared first on Good News Network.

Opinion: Glacier raises questions about global warming – Northside Sun

Earlier this summer my wife and I visited several delightful locations along the coast of Maine. Yes, we gobbled lots of lobster! But we also experienced some wonderful sights. One example was on a hill about 300 ft. above a…

Letter to the editor: Media must cover climate change, Maine’s increasing heat –

The Press Herald recently ran a front-page article headlined “ ‘Maine isn’t supposed to be so hot’ ” (Aug. 13). I was glad to see the article, but there was no mention that this is the result of global warming….

Civilization-ending climate change is knocking on the door — unless we act now – Salon

We are standing in an extinction event. Many of us started noticing it when the insects began to vanish in large numbers right after the turn of the century.  I’ll never forget the day the trucker called into my radio show….

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