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Can federated learning save the world?

(University of Cambridge) Training the artificial intelligence models that underpin web search engines, power smart assistants and enable driverless cars, consumes megawatts of energy and generates worrying carbon dioxide emissions. But new ways of training these models are proven to be greener.

Archaeologists pinpoint population for the Greater Angkor region

(University of Oregon) Long-running archaeological research, boosted by airborne lidar sensing and machine-learning algorithms, finds that Cambodia’s Greater Angkor region was home to 700,000-900,000 people. The new estimate, made possible by a study designed at the University of Oregon, is the first for the entire 3,000-square-kilometer low-density region.

Researchers develop new metal-free, recyclable polypeptide battery that degrades on demand

(Texas A&M University) The introduction of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries has revolutionized technology as a whole, leading to major advances in consumer goods across nearly all sectors. Battery-powered devices have become ubiquitous across the world. While the availability of technology is generally a good thing, the rapid growth has led directly to several key ethical and environmental issues surrounding the use of Li-ion batteries.

ORNL’s Sergei Kalinin elected Fellow of the Microscopy Society of America

(DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Sergei Kalinin, a scientist and inventor at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has been elected a Fellow of the Microscopy Society of America professional society.

Catastrophic sea-level rise from Antarctic melting possible with severe global warming – EurekAlert

The Antarctic ice sheet is much less likely to become unstable and cause dramatic sea-level rise in upcoming centuries if the world follows policies that keep global warming below a key 2015 Paris climate agreement target, according to a Rutgers…

Catastrophic Sea-Level Rise from Antarctic Melting is Possible with Severe Global Warming – Rutgers Today

Antarctic ice sheet is more likely to remain stable if Paris climate agreement is met If Paris Agreement targets are not met, the collapse of melting Antarctic ice shelves – like the Wilkins Ice Shelf in 2009 – could cause…

Northern forest fires could accelerate climate change – EurekAlert

IMAGE: The study focused on wooded peatland and forests like the landscape pictured here near the town of Wrigley in Canada’s Northwest Territories. This drone imagery was taken by then-BU PhD… view more  Credit: Courtesy of Jonathan Wang New research indicates…

Northern forest fires could accelerate climate change

(Boston University) New research shows that the global models used to project how Earth’s climate will change in the future underestimate the impact of forest fires and drying climate on forests’ ability to capture and store atmospheric carbon.

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame announces 2021 inductees

(University of South Florida (USF Innovation)) Seven Florida Inventors whose discoveries are saving lives, transforming the environment, and creating new technologies are named as 2021 Inductees to the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame. Among them are Dean Kamen, often referred to as the modern Thomas Edison due to the scope of his trailblazing inventions, including the Segway®; and Mark Dean, who holds three patents for the original IBM PC and is co-inventor of the ISA bus which revolutionized modern computing.

Machine learning model generates realistic seismic waveforms

(DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory) A new machine-learning model that generates realistic seismic waveforms will reduce manual labor and improve earthquake detection, according to a study published recently in JGR Solid Earth.