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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


The Climate Apocalypse Will Be Google Mapped – The New Republic

A weird paradox of modern life is that, although humans struggle to address big problems like climate change, we’re great at making our lives easier. While the planet has warmed steadily every year since 2000, it’s become exponentially simpler, in…

From electric vehicles to ride sharing: How global warming could slow from changes in transportation – Milwaukee Independent

By Alan Jenn, Assistant Professional Researcher in Transportation, University of California, Davis Around the world, revolutionary changes are under way in transportation. More electric vehicles are on the road, people are taking advantage of sharing mobility services such as Uber…

‘The most important issue of our time’: Mass. Senate unveils climate change legislation for electric vehicles –

State senators unveiled a suite of concrete climate change regulations tallying more than $250 million Thursday that they consider vital for ensuring Massachusetts achieves net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, including incentives to bolster the transition to electric vehicles and all-electric…

As Fuel Prices Soar, The RNC Is Registering New Voters At…Gas Stations

The Republican National Committee is launching a new voter registration initiative at gas stations across the country to highlight the surge in fuel costs under the Biden administration. [bold, links added] Voter registration events will be held in several battleground…

Uber Working With Renault & Nissan To Electrify Transport In Europe

Top app-based taxi companies Uber and Lyft have been making strong strides toward electrification. And thank goodness! When Lyft and Uber drivers switch to electric cars, they cut pollution 3× more than when a normal driver switches to an electric car

Lyft: 100% Electric Vehicles By 2030. CleanTechnica: Ya Think?

Lyft published the positive announcement last week that it would be 100% electric by 2030. Naturally, this is significantly uplifting news, but the responses from some members of CleanTechnica senior staff while eating avocado and cheddar cheese wedges

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