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Chinese New Year 2020 falls on January 25

Chinese New Year 2020 falls on January 25 in Asia (January 24 in the west), beginning the Year of the Rat. China’s public holiday will be January 24-30. In Beijing this week, Chinese health officials expressed concerns about a coronavirus now spreading during this heavy travel season in Asia.


Jonathan Safran Foer: ‘Why don’t Extinction Rebellion issue specific ideas? They are awfully vague’

There have been many proposed solutions to the climate crisis – from outright bans on fossil fuels to planting 2 billion trees – but Jonathan Safran Foer’s antidote to global devastation strikes me as the neatest and most achievable. It…

When is store-bought better than homemade?

Cooking a meal from scratch can be a truly rewarding experience. It can also make you want to toss up your hands in despair, throw the uncooperative dough in the trash (for the third time) and go get take-out instead….

13 unexpected leap year facts

About every four years, February gains an extra day. We do this so our calendars don’t get out of whack, but Feb. 29 has also prompted some interesting traditions. Here are some surprising facts about the bonus day that comes…

Climate Alarmists Want Eco-Reparations To Fund Green New Deal

The leftists participating in the weekly Fire Drill Fridays want to eliminate the fossil fuel industry and take all the money from the energy industry companies. They tout wealth redistribution from fossil fuel companies as the piggy bank to fund…

Dark skies for 2020’s Quadrantid meteors

2020’s first major meteor shower is the Quadrantid shower. Best time to watch is probably late night January 3 until dawn January 4. Northerly latitudes are favored. No moon in the predawn hours (2 a.m. until dawn) this year!

Try these modern twists on classic party mix

Remember party mix? That random assortment of corn/wheat/rice cereal, nuts, pretzels, Worcestershire sauce, butter and seasoned salt? Perhaps you know it by its more common branded name, Chex Mix, based on the cereal brand that actually “invented” it. Whatever you…

How to be a healthier, happier human in 2020

It’s that time again when a fresh, new year awaits with so many possibilities. You want to make resolutions, but you definitely don’t want to fail. We can help with that. Here are plenty of great ideas to make this…

Alarmists Blame Private Homeowners For Spate Of Calif. Wildfires

It’s been pretty clear since the day the Green New Deal was announced that that $93 trillion mess was about a lot more than reducing carbon emissions. And teen climate alarmist Greta Thunberg said the quiet part out loud, writing…

Why good Christmas trees might be hard to find

If you’re someone who enjoys the beauty and smell of a real Christmas tree, you might have to search a little harder and pull a few more bills out of your wallet this holiday season. Some news outlets in the…