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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Space Tourism is Heavily Contributing to Global Warming, Reveals Study | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel | – The Weather Channel

Representational Image (SpaceX/Twitter) The recent race for space tourism by Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX with several rocket launches is harming the climate and contributing to global warming, according to a study. Researchers from the University of Cambridge and…

Global warming leading to sleep loss, wider disparities – Kyodo News Plus

Global warming is leading to shorter sleep durations across the world that could increase health risks especially affecting the elderly, women and people in low-income countries, a recent study has found. Researchers warn that rising temperatures may lead to growing…

Bone Loss Meds May be Lowering Ovarian Cancer Risk, Scientists Find

Medicines used to prevent bone loss may help lower the risk of ovarian cancer. That’s according to research by The University of Queensland. UQ researchers compared medications taken by more than 50,000 women aged over 50, using de-identified medical records from 2004–2013, to analyze differences in those with ovarian cancer and without. UQ School of […]

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The Great Blue Wall Initiative: At the nexus of climate change, nature conservation, and the blue economy – Brookings Institution

The marine and coastal areas along the eastern shores of Africa contain rich, biodiverse, and under-threat flora and fauna unique for their biodiversity. The region hosts pristine coral reefs, carbon-rich mangrove forests, and sheltered seagrass beds, which support an abundance…

Restoring degraded soil can fight hunger and climate change. – World Economic Forum

Soil mismanagement threatens the survival of many species on Earth – including humans, according to a United Nations body. Restoring degraded farmland has the potential to ease food shortages. Healthy soil is also critical to tackling global warming. The UK…

Fight over Damages Threatens to Derail Climate Negotiations – Scientific American

CLIMATEWIRE | Less than six months before world leaders gather in Egypt for the next round of global climate talks, officials have made little progress in addressing one of the most contentious points of negotiations — support for countries that…

Legendary Spanish Galleon Shipwreck Discovered After Vanishing 300 Years Ago

In 1693, a Spanish trading ship left the colony in Manilla heading for Mexico. It was never to be seen again until our generation. Now, 15 years of volunteer maritime archeology and plumbing of royal Spanish archives have discovered the identify of the ship—solving a local mystery that has endured since before America was colonized. […]

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Arctic sea ice June 2022 – why the situation is so dangerous

Arctic sea ice extent has fallen strongly in June 2022. On June 19, 2022, Arctic sea ice extent was among the lowest on record for the time of year, as illustrated by above image, adapted from the National Snow and…

Tropical Trees Are Dying Twice As Fast Due to Climate Change – SciTechDaily

According to a new study, trees are living about half as long as they formerly did. This trend was discovered to be widespread throughout species and locations across the region. According to new research, climate change may have caused rainforest…

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