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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Every rise in global warming matters; time to act now – Gulf Times

Long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns indicate climate change, which can affect our health, ability to grow food, housing, safety and livelihood. Some of us are already more vulnerable to climate impacts, such as those living in small island…

If we don’t act, climate change could devastate Coachella Valley, too – Desert Sun

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” — Albert Einstein A smoky haze often inundates the skies over the Coachella Valley — an arid landscape exacerbated by…

If Left to Regrow, Brazil’s Atlantic Forest Could Recover Faster and Store More Carbon Cheaper Than Tree Planting

Reprinted and altered with permission from World At Large, a news website of nature, politics, science, health, and travel. Naturally regenerated forests are much better ways of achieving climate targets than mass planting, and Brazil could achieve 150% more reforestation if the forests are left to their own schemes. Home to a wealth of biodiversity […]

The post If Left to Regrow, Brazil’s Atlantic Forest Could Recover Faster and Store More Carbon Cheaper Than Tree Planting appeared first on Good News Network.

Climate migration is already happening — for homeowners who can afford it – CNBC

Christy Gentry and her husband have been dealing with California’s wildfires for the past four years.  In 2017, the couple evacuated their Santa Rosa home for three weeks. In 2019, they were forced to cut a trip to Hawaii short…

World weather groups forecast a year of global warming of 1.5C before 2025 – Financial Times

Climate change updates Sign up to myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about Climate change news. The world is likely to temporarily exceed 1.5C of warming since pre-industrial times within the next five years, according to a…

The Gratuitous Global Warming Alarmism In ‘Reminiscence’ – RealClearMarkets

X Story Stream recent articles The sci-fi noir movie Reminiscence will likely be remembered mainly for having the worst opening all time for a major studio release, but what I found most interesting is the gratuitous alarmism. The movie is nowhere near…

Op-ed: We have a final opportunity to respond to climate change. Will we take it? – CNBC

After a summer of astonishing climate extremes, a landmark scientific report on climate change provides another stark warning.  It states we have less than a decade to stabilize the Earth’s climate and that this will require big and immediate cuts…

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