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Sulfur enhances carbon storage in the Black Sea

(University of Oldenburg ) The depths of the Black Sea store comparatively large amounts of organic carbon. A research team led by scientists from the University of Oldenburg, Germany, has now presented a new hypothesis as to why organic compounds accumulate in this semi-enclosed sea and other oxygen-depleted waters. Reactions with hydrogen sulfide play an important role in stabilizing carbon compounds, the researchers posit in the scientific journal Science Advances. This negative feedback in the climate system could counteract global warming over geological periods.

Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Halting Of New Oil And Gas Leases

The Biden administration’s suspension of new oil and gas leases on federal land and water was blocked Tuesday by a federal judge in Louisiana. U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty’s ruling came in a lawsuit filed in March by Louisiana’s Republican…

EU provides 15 million euros of funding for Arctic project

(Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research) 35 partners, led by the AWI, are developing a comprehensive environmental observing system for the Arctic as part of the Arctic PASSION project.

FACT SHEET: G7 to Announce Joint Actions to End Public Support for Overseas Unabated Coal Generation by End of 2021 –

The United States is rallying the world’s democracies to deliver for our people, meet the world’s biggest challenges, and demonstrate our shared values Today, President Biden and fellow G7 Leaders agreed to a set of concrete actions to accelerate the…

‘Mind-blowing’ Surgery in Mothers’ Wombs Spared Dozens of Babies From Spina Bifida Paralysis

For an unborn child, spina bifida, a birth defect in which the spinal cord fails to develop or close properly, is a devastating diagnosis. Until recently, doctors were unable to attempt to correct the condition until after the baby was born. Even with post-partum medical intervention, the outcome wasn’t always good. Now, however, thanks to […]

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A decade to save the climate and the ocean: on Radio Davos – World Economic Forum

It’s the decade of ocean science, and one in which we must get on track for net-zero by 2050. Two World Economic Forum events discussed the massive challenges ahead. Marine biologist Nina Jensen joins Radio Davos to pick some highlights….

Never Take Alarmist Sloganeering About Future Climate At Face Value

I recently read a paper in the law literature celebrating the rise of “climate risk disclosure” requirements now being imposed on public companies. The author discussed at length why the market has failed to price climate risk into investments and…

The sun’s clock

(Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf) Not only the 11-year cycle, but also all other periodic solar activity fluctuations can be clocked by planetary attractive forces, a conclusion drawn by Dr. Frank Stefani and colleagues at HZDR and the Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics in Perm, Russia. With new model calculations, they are proposing a comprehensive explanation of known sun cycles for the first time. They also reveal the longest fluctuations in activity over thousands of years as a chaotic process.

What effects do clouds have on climate change? – World Economic Forum

Existing climate models underestimate the lifespan and cooling effects of clouds by simulating too much rainfall. New models with a more realistic simulation of rainfall from “warm” clouds increases the lifespan of clouds by nearly three times. This increases the…

Why NASA sent tiny water bears into space

A new experiment aboard the ISS is studying tardigrades – aka water bears – to better understand how they tolerate extreme environments, including the one astronauts experience in space.

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