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Guardian environment writers: ‘With your help, we are tackling humankind’s greatest challenge’

George Monbiot, columnist and author of several books on the climate crisis Before I worked for the Guardian, I tried writing for other newspapers, in the belief I should reach the unconverted. But I gradually discovered that all of them…

Julian J. Bommer selected as 2020 Joyner Lecturer

(Seismological Society of America) The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) and the Seismological Society of America (SSA) are pleased to announce that Julian J. Bommer, a Senior Research Investigator at Imperial College London, is the 2020 recipient of the William B. Joyner Lecture Award.

15 spectacular shots from Weather Photographer of the Year contest

The Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS), in association with WeatherPro, has announced the winners of the 2019 Weather Photographer of the Year competition. From an Arizona haboob to a stranded ship in Taiwan to a geisha caught in a downpour, these…

7 uncanny facts about crows

Intelligence runs in the crow family, a diverse group of more than 120 bird species. And, as with most geniuses, crows and their relatives tend to be misunderstood. Known as corvids, this family of birds includes not just crows, but…

Martian landslides not conclusive evidence of ice

(University College London) Giant ridges on the surface of landslides on Mars could have formed without ice, challenging their use by some as unequivocal evidence of past ice on the red planet, finds a new UCL-led study using state-of-the-art satellite data.


The Guardian view on Extinction Rebellion: numbers alone won’t create change | Editorial

The speed and size of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests over the past year add weight to the idea that people in this decade were in revolt before they had any clear idea what form a revolution might take. Politically…

Celebrity XR Backers Admit They’re Climate ‘Hypocrites’, Must Heed Greta’s Words

More than 100 celebrity supporters of climate activists Extinction Rebellion (XR) who hail from Hollywood, the theater world, music, and the arts have admitted in an open letter being “hypocrites” over their high-carbon lifestyles. That said, they think it best if…


A reliable clock for your microbiome

The microbiome is a treasure trove of information about human health and disease, but getting it to reveal its secrets is challenging. A new genetic ‘repressilator’ circuit acts like a clock that tracks how bacterial growth changes over time with single-cell precision. This tool allows scientists to noninvasively study the dynamics of the microbiome, and also unlocks the potential for complex, synthetic-biology-based diagnostics and therapeutics for the human gut.