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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


‘Acidifying, warming seas affecting seafood supplies’ – SciDev.Net

[NEW YORK] Ocean acidification and global warming are interfering with the way fish interact in groups, posing a threat to their survival which could affect seafood supplies, researchers say. Marine ecosystems worldwide have shown an increased dominance of warm water…

Earth’s Black Box Warns of Planet’s End Due to Climate Change – HowStuffWorks

In autumn 2021, as leaders from across the globe converged on Glasgow to talk about the impact of human-caused climate change, a coalition of artists, architects and researchers in Australia devised a way to document the apocalypse. How? By storing…

What is the zodiac?

Maybe you associate the word “zodiac” with astrology, but it has an honored place in astronomy, too. It’s defined by the annual path of the sun across our sky.

The post What is the zodiac? first appeared on EarthSky.

A Dirt Cheap Climate Change Solution? Common Clay Materials May Help Curb Methane Emissions – SciTechDaily

A team of researchers at MIT has come up with a promising approach to controlling methane emissions and removing it from the air, using an inexpensive and abundant type of clay called zeolite. In this image, the zeolite, depicted as…

Astronomers Capture Black Hole Eruption Spanning 16 Times the Full Moon in the Sky

Astronomers have produced the most comprehensive image of radio emission from our nearest actively feeding supermassive black hole. The emission is powered by a central black hole in the galaxy Centaurus A, about 12 million light years away. As the black hole feeds on in-falling gas, it ejects material at near light-speed, causing ‘radio bubbles’ […]

The post Astronomers Capture Black Hole Eruption Spanning 16 Times the Full Moon in the Sky appeared first on Good News Network.

Is it time to consider a new normal for winter in the Carolinas? – WFAE

December’s un-wintry weather across the Southeast brought lots of unusual scenes: Crowds packing parks and beer gardens, people wearing short sleeves to Christmas parades and azaleas blooming just before the holidays. Temperatures averaged about 6 to 9 degrees above normal…

Warming Trends: Climate Threats to Bears, Bugs and Bees, Plus a Giant Kite and an ER Surge – InsideClimate News

SCIENCE A Slower Freeze Pushes Polar Bears Close to Starvation The Hudson Bay in northern Canada froze up later than normal this year, delaying polar bears’ hunting season by two to three weeks, a nonprofit polar bear conservation organization found. …

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