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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Ocean eddies strongly affect global mean sea-level projections – Science Advances

INTRODUCTION Satellite-observed sea-level measurements indicate an ongoing increase in the global mean sea level since the satellite era (1–3). Global mean sea-level rise (GMSLR) threatens low-lying coastal regions, and these regions will benefit strongly from sea-level projections to adapt their…

Lemurs and giant tortoises among species at risk if global warming reaches 3°C – EURACTIV

Unique island species including lemurs and the Galapagos giant tortoise could be at high risk of extinction if the planet warms by more than 3°C above pre-industrial levels, new research warns. EURACTIV’s media partner, The Guardian, reports. Analysis of 270…

Study calls for urgent climate change action to secure global food supply

(Curtin University) New Curtin University-led research has found climate change will have a substantial impact on global food production and health if no action is taken by consumers, food industries, government, and international bodies.

Overfishing of Atlantic cod likely did not cause genetic changes

(Rutgers University) Overfishing likely did not cause the Atlantic cod, an iconic species, to evolve genetically and mature earlier, according to a study led by Rutgers University and the University of Oslo – the first of its kind – with major implications for ocean conservation.

Global Warming Causes Uneven Changes in Heat Stress Indicators – Eos

As the planet warms under the effects of human-caused climate change, prolonged periods of high temperatures are projected to become a significant public health challenge. The elderly are often more susceptible than others to the effects of temperature extremes, so…

Landslides: New early warning systems reduce false alarms

(CMCC Foundation – Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) The study of the Campania region in southern Italy: an area that is vulnerable to landslides. The use of innovative and reliable instruments, and the original use of new generation atmospheric models, leads to the development of better predictive tools that can improve early warning systems’ performances. The results of the research conducted by the CMCC Foundation – Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change.

New GSA Bulletin articles published ahead of print in March

(Geological Society of America) The Geological Society of America regularly publishes articles online ahead of print. For March, GSA Bulletin topics include multiple articles about the dynamics of China and Tibet; the ups and downs of the Missouri River; the Los Rastros Formation, Argentina; the Olympic Mountains of Washington State; methane seep deposits; meandering rivers; and the northwest Hawaiian Ridge. You can find these articles at

Global Warming Blamed for Premature Japanese Cherry Blossom Bloom – Newsweek

In Japan, officials are blaming global warming for the premature cherry blossom bloom. The nation’s favorite flower, sakura, has previously reached its peak bloom in April but officials with the Japan Meteorological Agency are forecasting that peak bloom will be…

Increased precipitation and the watery miracles of Italian saints

(Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History) An international, interdisciplinary team of authors analyse ancient texts and a stalagmite from a Tuscan cave and show that, in response to increased rainfall and flooding in the sixth century AD, a new type of miracle emerged in the stories of saints circulating in Italy at the end of antiquity: the power of the saints over the element of water on land and in the air.