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48 Of 79 ‘Catastrophic Climate’ Predictions Have Failed; Other 31 Haven’t Expired Yet

A new peer-reviewed paper published in the International Journal of Global Warmingidentifies 79 “apocalyptic” predictions formulated since 1970 by “researchers and activists” who “predict cataclysmic events” resulting from “catastrophic climate change.” Already 48 of these “truly apocalyptic forecasts” have failed. The…

Climate scientists, what keeps you up at night? – DW (English)

What really makes this reporter’s stomach churn thinking about climate change? Thawing permafrost. A scenario where it all melts, releasing copious amounts of CO2 and methane (it holds twice as much carbon as the atmosphere holds right now), and there’s no going…

NASA Confirmation: Earth is Safe From Asteroid for 100 Years

Earthlings can feel some relief for now, as NASA has confirmed our planet is safe from a particularly worrisome asteroid for the next century at least. 99942 Apophis—which was discovered in 2004—had been identified as one of the most hazardous asteroids that could impact the planet. But results from a new radar observation campaign, combined […]

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The countries most vulnerable to global warming – Axios

HSBC Global Research analysts are taking an increasingly granular look at which nations are the most and least resilient to climate change. The big picture: A report this week ranked 77 countries on their capacity to adapt, shift away from…

TESS’s exoplanet catalog grows to over 2,200 worlds

When the TESS planet hunter launched nearly 3 years ago, some 4,000 exoplanets were known. NASA confirmed in late March that TESS has discovered over 2,200 additional exoplanet candidates orbiting distant stars.


NEW JERSEY: State eyes work to protect coastline, cut carbon emissions

New Jersey will study its coastal marshes, estuaries and back bays to develop a list of projects to help protect shore communities, restore damaged ecosystems and prevent the release of planet-warming carbon into the atmosphere.

NASA measures direct evidence humans are causing climate change – CBS News

It may come as a surprise, given the extensive body of evidence connecting humans to climate change, that directly-observed proof of the human impact on the climate had still eluded science. That is, until now. In a first-of-its-kind study, NASA…

Those who worry about CO2 should worry about methane, too – The Economist

Apr 3rd 2021 POLITICS, OTTO VON BISMARCK is supposed to have said, is the art of the possible. And one of the most depressing features of discussions about global warming is their tendency to take place in a fantasy land…