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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Pilot Captures Jaw-Dropping Spectacle of St. Elmo’s Fire Phenomenon

A pilot has captured the jaw-dropping spectacle of St. Elmo’s Fire from his cockpit. Airbus captain Luis Andress was flying from Miami to Denver last month when he encountered the scene. It was part of the overall effects of Hurricane Ian when it hit the gulf coast of Florida this year. St. Elmo’s Fire occurs […]

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Global warming drives record increase in megafires across the Arctic: Report – Al Arabiya English

Global warming is currently driving a huge increase in megafires across the Arctic, a new report warned. The Siberian Arctic experienced an unusual number of fires throughout 2019 and 2020. In 2020 alone, fires destroyed an area almost as large…

Will Climate Change Doom US Truck Habit? Detroit Says No – Barron’s

Like other electric vehicles being developed by Detroit, Ford Motor Co.’s F-150 Lightning has been praised as an improvement in addressing climate change, although it requires more energy to recharge than does a smaller vehicle JEFF KOWALSKY The US consumer’s…

Man Left Stranded On Roadway After Brand-New $115K Electric Hummer Dies

A man bought a brand-new $115,000 Hummer electric truck, only to find that it immediately left him stranded in the middle of the road — and the vehicle had less than 250 miles on it. “I’m very unhappy. I’m in…

Stopping Wildfires May Be Key to Slowing Climate Change – Newsweek

Wildfires are often viewed as a result of climate change and global warming, but experts are learning they contribute to climate change as well. Wildfires made headlines this summer as drought exacerbated fires ravaging California. Less relief efforts are directed…

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