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300-million-year-old fish resembles a sturgeon but took a different evolutionary path

A re-examination of a 300-million-year-old fish, Tanyrhinichthys mcallisteri, revealed that its lifestyle more closely resembled that of the bottom-dwelling sturgeon, rather than the stealthy pike, as was previously believed.


Global oil demand could hit record growth rate next year, IEA warns

The world’s oil demand could climb at its fastest rate in the history of the market next year, and may reach pre-crisis levels within years, unless new green policies are adopted, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The global…

Lots of people with canceled summer travel plans are diving into the RV life

There’s never been a more appealing time to be turtle-like, to carry your home on your back and see the sights from the safety of your own cocoon. Of course, this has always been one of the appeals of the…


Heightened interaction between neolithic migrants and hunter-gatherers in Western Europe

This study reports new genome-wide data for 101 prehistoric individuals from 12 archaeological sites in today’s France and Germany, dating from 7000-3000 BCE, and documents levels of admixture between expanding early Neolithic farmers and local hunter-gatherers seen nowhere else in Europe.

Why radical homemaking makes sense

As incomes drop or disappear due to the financial fallout from the coronavirus, many of us who were already spending more time at home will realize that soon we won’t be able to afford going out at all. Baking, gardening,…


Bishops Tout EU ‘Green Deal’ As Recovery Plan For Pandemic

The Catholic bishops of the European Union (COMECE) have endorsed the European Green Deal as an “underpinning strategy” for a continent-wide plan of recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. “Ecological justice” must be at the core of Europe’s response to the…