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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Extreme weather events can have chain reactions, studies show – Axios

Two new studies shed light on the increasing risks the world faces from global warming and how such dangers can escalate in a cascading fashion. Why it matters: One study published this week in the journal Geophysical Research Letters warns…

Astronomers Think They’ve Detected a ‘Dark’ Free-Floating Black Hole For the First Time

If, as astronomers believe, the death of large stars leave behind black holes, there should be hundreds of millions of them scattered throughout the Milky Way galaxy. The problem is, isolated black holes are invisible. Now, a team led by University of California, Berkeley, astronomers has for the first time discovered what may be a […]

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FRANCIS KOSTER: Wow! You’re hot! Climate Change is getting personal. – Independent Tribune

By Francis Koster Ed.D. You are about to have a “learning moment”. That is when you experience something new, or confusing, and, like it or not, your brain starts to take in new information. It is what happens when you…

The Dems’ Capricious Energy Policies Have Been A Disaster

Democrats have spent decades warning that the United States must stop using the most efficient and affordable energy sources or it will be consumed by heat waves, fireballs, and cataclysmic weather events. Every flood, every hurricane — every natural event,…

Energy Inflation Derails Biden’s Multi-Trillion-Dollar Climate Agenda

President Biden came to office vowing to cut dependence on fossil fuels, putting environmentalists in charge of energy policy, and asking Congress for billions of dollars to fund a transition to cleaner energy. Seventeen months later, greenhouse gas emissions are…

Is PR Killing Congressional Action on Climate Change? – O’Dwyer’s PR News

Raúl Grijalva Is PR the brains behind nefarious campaigns bankrolled by Big Oil designed to torpedo legislative action to combat climate change? Inquiring Congressional minds want to know. A Congressional committee is exploring whether Big Oil and its trade associations…

Article misleads on effect of cow emissions on global warming – AFP Factcheck

Copyright AFP 2017-2022. All rights reserved. An article shared tens of thousands of times on social media claims gas from cows is not to blame for global warming because the carbon they emit was already in the atmosphere. This is…

What is ‘committed warming’? A climate scientist explains why global warming can continue after emissions end – Kiowa County Press

Greenhouse gases emitted today linger in the atmosphere for years to centuries. David McNew/Getty Images Julien Emile-Geay, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences By now, few people question the reality that humans are altering Earth’s climate. The real…

Iraqi Drought Reveals Stunning 3,400-Year-Old City Covered By Tigris River

German and Kurdish archaeologists have uncovered an ancient metropolis of the Mittani Empire once submerged below the Tigris River. The settlement was revealed when the levels of the Mosul reservoir plunged earlier this year due to extreme drought in Iraq. The extensive city with a palace and several large buildings could be Zakhiku—believed to have […]

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Letters: Appeasement fails | State’s wildfires | History of racism | Gun safety | Global warming – The Mercury News

Submit your letter to the editor via this form. Read more Letters to the Editor. Liccardo’s positionsgives Putin strength Re. “Zelenskyy calls out San Jose for keeping ties with Russian city,” Page A1, June 7: Mayor Sam Liccardo might not…

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