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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


A Lost Sunken City of Gold and Jewels Found in the Mud of Indonesian River

Nighttime divers on the Musi River in Indonesia are beginning to fish out fistfuls of gold, gems, and other treasures from the mud—and it might be the site of a fabled kingdom known in the 8th century as the ‘Island of Gold’. Dr. Sean Kingsley, a British maritime archaeologist, suspects the finds, such as a […]

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Letter: Time is now for U.S. leadership against global warming –

{{featured_button_text}} In this July 8, 2011 file photo, smoke bellows from a chimney stack at BlueScope Steel’s mill at Port Kembla, south of Sydney, Australia. Australia was the worst climate performer among comparable developed countries since the 2015 Paris Agreement…

Climate Swat Team Aims to Identify When Global Warming Causes Extreme Weather – Insurance Journal

Article 0 Comments When weather disaster strikes, observers near and far ask the same question: Climate change—is it or isn’t it? The simplest answer, yes, lacks specificity. All weather is a joint human-nature venture, because we’ve made the atmosphere hotter…

A Love Letter to America From a Village in Bangladesh on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

America, I am sending you good wishes from a small Bangladeshi village on the 20th anniversary of your great tragedy. I knew nothing about you before 2001, when 9/11 shook you, and turned the world around. Twenty years later, I know much more about you—your people, and history—and want to say thank you. I first […]

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Global Warming And Nuclear Fallout: The Foundational Geochemistry Of Saruhashi Katsuko – Women You Should Know

On July 16, 1945, the United States detonated the world’s first atomic bomb in the deserts of Alamogordo, New Mexico.  At the time, it was not clear what might result from the explosion, with the most terrifying models predicting that…

Letter: Keep or plant more trees to battle global warming –

{{featured_button_text}} FILE – In this Sept. 30, 2011, file photo, a single leaf has changed color on a red maple in Freeport, Maine. Recent leaf-peeping seasons have been disrupted by weather conditions in New England, New York and elsewhere. Arborists…

Global warming, climate change, climate emergency | Columnists | – The Manchester Journal

The words used to describe what is happening to Planet Earth have changed over time, and are politically charged for some people. A better description might be Wacky Weather. Even better, Weather Extremes. We might be able to agree that…

Letter: To combat global warming, we should plant more trees –

{{featured_button_text}} The sun beats down on scaffolding hanging from the UMB Banking tower at the corner of South Broadway and Walnut Street in downtown St. Louis on Aug. 31.  Photo by Colter Peterson, Colter Peterson, The article “As cities…

Mental health could be the next casualty of global warming – The Japan Times

One evening in July, Stephanie Felts was lying in bed trying to process simultaneous climate disasters all over the world. From a crushing Canadian heatwave to U.S. wildfires and flooding in China, the drumbeat triggered memories of a close call…

Your letters: America under attack by global warming –

Dear editor, Imagine for a moment America has undergone an attack from a foreign nation. Incendiary bombs have been dropped on the West Coast. Fires rage out of control. Over 80 people were killed in one town as it burned…

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