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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Austria’s OMV sees potential in underground carbon storage to fight global warming – Reuters

VIENNA (Reuters) – Austrian oil and gas group OMV aims to reduce its own carbon emissions by trapping CO2 underground and could offer the same storage solution to clients, its chief executive said. Projects in the United States and Norway…

UK High Court Rules Extinction Rebellion Climate Protest Ban ‘Unlawful’

The High Court ruled on Wednesday that a ban on protests in London by the climate alarmist group Extinction Rebellion was unlawful, which could lead to hundreds of lawsuits from XR members. The Metropolitan Police arrested 1,832 Extinction Rebellion protesters…

UK needs to act to prevent electric vehicle battery waste mountain — new study

(University of Birmingham) Recycling technologies for end-of-life lithium ion batteries (LIBs) are not keeping pace with the rapid rise of electric vehicles, storing up a potentially huge waste management problem for the future, according to a new study.

Climate Activist Found Not Guilty, Claims Home Was Under Direct Climate Threat

After spray-painting Cambridgeshire county council headquarters during an environmental protest last December, Extinction Rebellion protester Angela Ditchfield was found not guilty of criminal damage.  She successfully argued that she had a legal excuse to commit vandalism as she believed there…

Cities Suing Over Climate Change Gave Investors, Courts Different Tales Of Risk

Climate activists don’t want to admit it, but there is a contradiction at the heart of many of the climate liability suits filed by various American cities against energy companies. Now a new report is out, analyzing the data and…


EXXON TRIAL: Rex Tillerson to take the stand in N.Y.

Former Exxon CEO and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson takes the stand today at the New York Supreme Court as a central figure in the long legal battle between the New York attorney general’s office and the world’s largest oil company.

15 Canadian Kids Sue Their Government for Failing to Address Climate Change

The young plaintiffs are already dealing with effects of wildfires, flooding, and thawing permafrost. They say the government is contributing to the climate crisis. Fifteen children and teenagers from across Canada sued their government on Friday for supporting fossil fuels…

Massachusetts Sues Exxon Over Climate Change, Accusing the Oil Giant of Fraud

Exxon is facing allegations of deceptive advertising, misleading investors and actions that threaten the world economy.  It’s already on trial in New York. Oil giant ExxonMobil, already fighting a climate-related investor fraud case in New York, has been hit with…