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Collaborative research charts course to hundreds of new nitrides

(DOE/National Renewable Energy Laboratory) A groundbreaking research effort involving scientists at NREL; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL); University of Colorado, Boulder (CU); and other partner institutions around the country recently published ‘A Map of the Inorganic Ternary Metal Nitrides,’ which appears in Nature Materials.

Does an empty baseball field really need outdoor lighting all night?

Outdoor sports were often impractical at night until the 20th century, when electric floodlights began to spark a new fascination with night games. The first night game in professional baseball was a 1930 minor-league contest in Iowa, followed by Major…

Home Efficiency: DIY Thermal Imaging, LEDs, High Efficiency Water, & More

Your home uses more electricity and gas than you think it should, and that drives you nuts because you know it’s contributing to global problems, AND costing you hard-earned money. So, where’s the waste? Here, I’ll dive into some cool tools you can use in your home to diagnose problems and get them fixed

Energy-saving new LED phosphor

The human eye is particularly sensitive to green, but less sensitive to blue and red. Chemists have now developed a new red phosphor whose light is well perceived by the eye. This increases the light yield of white LEDs by around one-sixth, which can significantly improve the energy efficiency of lighting systems.