Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Lights! Camera! Tragedy! Famous 'cursed' movies

It doesn’t have to be Friday the 13th to remember films notoriously riddled with bad luck. These are movies in which mysterious accidents, uncanny mishaps and even death have led some to believe that they are plagued with more than…

What’s Really Driving The Well-Orchestrated Climate Hysteria Machine

We know there is simply no basis for climate alarm. All “scientific” predictions have failed, life has survived happily with much higher CO2 in the past, the medieval warming period a thousand years ago was much warmer than today, the…


Spiders are becoming aggressive thanks to climate change

Hurricanes Katrina, Andrew and Harvey … Just the names can instill fear, anxiety and stress in humans. But what about spiders can powerful hurricanes or other extreme weather patterns associated with climate change alter their behavior patterns? Yes, in time it is possible, so says Alan Alexander Little at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who lead a team of researchers in Canada and the United States to explore 211 colonies of the Anelosimus studiosus spider reside. Related:…


Early life on Earth limited by enzyme

A single enzyme found in early single-cell life forms could explain why oxygen levels in the atmosphere remained low for two billion years during the Proterozoic eon, preventing life colonizing land.


Materials scientists build a synthetic system with compartments like real cells

Polymer chemists and materials scientists have achieved some notable advances that mimic Nature, but one of the most common and practical features of cells has so far been out of reach — intracellular compartmentalization. Now researchers tell how they take advantage of differences in electrical charge to create an ‘all aqueous,’ water-in-water construct that achieves compartmentalization in a synthetic system.

Visiting a park can make you as happy as Christmas

When you’re in a bad mood, take a stroll around a park. The burst of good feelings you’ll get are like the rush of happiness that many people experience on Christmas Day. That’s what researchers found after analyzing the Twitter…