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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Brazilian youth’s important role in fight against climate change – study

(University of Birmingham) Marginalised young people in Brazilian cities can play an important role in responding to the threat of climate change, but youth engagement needs to be both ‘playful’ and take youth ‘seriously’ to support them in expressing their full potential in bringing about local change according to a new study.

Global Warming (An Update) – El Dorado News-Times

Yes, I know we’ve almost worn out the phrase, and it’s fashionable to say climate change. But what in hell is climate change? What we have is a planet, which is actually warming. Now that is an absolute fact, and…

Richard Fortier: Trump isn’t easing global warming – The Bethel Citizen

Global warming concerns or alarms a large majority of Americans. 2020 data from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication indicates that 72% of Americans believe global warming is happening, and 71% believe it will harm future generations as well…

CCS can rapidly reduce emissions in sectors that have few other options to decarbonize, EFI/Stanford

(Stanford University) The Energy Futures Initiative (EFI) and Stanford University released “An Action Plan for Carbon Capture and Storage in California: Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions,” a report providing policymakers with options for near-term actions to deploy carbon capture and storage (CCS) to meet the state’s climate goals.

Former F1 Driver Nico Rosberg Creates E-Racer Team To Fight Global Warming – Forbes

Former Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg has created Rosberg Xtreme Racing joining the E Extreme EV … [+] racing circuit. Rosberg Xtreme Racing Nico Rosberg walked away from Formula 1 racing in 2016 to become an entrepreneur dedicated to improving…

Natural killer cells also have a memory function

Good news for the human immune system: researchers have managed to ascribe an immunological memory function to a subset of cytotoxic NK cells, which have hitherto been regarded as antigen-non-specific.

World’s longest-running carbon dioxide measurement receives continuation funding

(Schmidt Ocean Institute) The Keeling Curve carbon dioxide measurement-the long-term atmospheric measurement that alerted the world to human-induced climate change- will receive $1 million in continuation funding from philanthropists Eric and Wendy Schmidt, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego announced today. In addition, the couple’s Schmidt Ocean Institute awarded a separate $450,000 grant to the university to support complementary ocean acidification measurements in the Atlantic and Pacific.

People can do more than use less plastic to help save the Great Barrier Reef

There are many threats to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – cyclones, shipping, crown-of-thorns starfish – but QUT researchers say climate change is its worst enemy. Yet a survey they conducted found most people don’t make a connection between climate change and reef health. They say there is more individuals could do on this front, both in the home and to influence government policies