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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Caught Green-Handed: The Bloomberg-Ellison Climate Corruption Connection

It came to light last year that a handful of rich left-wing donors led by Michael Bloomberg have collaborated with New York University Law School to recruit, place and pay for lawyers in attorney generals’ offices around the United States….

Union Of Concerned Scientists Helps Fund Climate Suits Against Big Oil

The nonprofit group Union of Concerned Scientists continues to operate behind the scenes to encourage, promote, and orchestrate positive publicity for government lawsuits against energy companies, according to emails obtained via open records. This June, Santa Cruz mayor Martine Watkins…

Why Cities Suing over Climate Change Want the Fight in State Court, Not Federal

Oil companies think they’ll win in federal court, and they’ve been trying to get each city, county and state climate lawsuit moved there. A wave of lawsuits brought by local and state governments that are trying to hold oil companies…

Green Activists With Ties To China Advised Obama Admin On Paris Climate Accord

The Natural Resources Defense Council held close ties to the Obama administration, providing advice on joining the Paris Agreement while simultaneously maintaining ties to China, according to attorneys and policy analysts who have reviewed email records obtained through a Freedom…

Bill To Reinstate Obama Pesticide Ban Ignores Science

The battle over neonicotinoid pesticides rages on. In response to one of many collusive sue-and-settle lawsuits between environmentalist groups and Obama environmental officials, in 2014 the Department of the Interior’s Fish & Wildlife Service banned neonic use in wildlife refuges….


DoneGood challenges Amazon Prime Days with rival discounts that help the planet

DoneGood, an e-commerce platform, is taking the ‘high road’ by offering exclusively ethical brands, but it isn’t above aiming to steal the loyalty of its competitor’s customers on the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Day.

The ‘Fraud Of The Century’ Finally Reaches The End Of The Line

After clogging up the Canadian court system for seven years, an utterly corrupt multibillion-dollar lawsuit against California-based oil company Chevron on behalf of “poor Ecuadorean villagers” was finally dismissed by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice last Friday. The suit,…

The ‘Historical Jigsaw of Climate Deception’: Private Notes Show How Big Oil Spread Climate Science Denial – DeSmog

We’ve all heard the dodgy arguments: ‘the science is uncertain’, ‘climate change is natural, not down to humans’, ‘science has been hijacked by politics’… Now a new cache of documents sheds light on the origins of the disinformation.   In another verse…