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EPA Tees Up Response To California’s Fuel Economy Deal With Four Carmakers

The Environmental Protection Agency is questioning whether California has the legal authority to strike a deal with four automakers on fuel economy standards stronger than what the Trump administration will set. The Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to California…

Money Is the Oxygen on Which the Fire of Global Warming Burns – The New Yorker

I’m skilled at eluding the fetal crouch of despair—because I’ve been working on climate change for thirty years, I’ve learned to parcel out my angst, to keep my distress under control. But, in the past few months, I’ve more often…

Debunking The 97% Climate Consensus Myth Touted By Activists, Media

CCD Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpted chapter from Lynne Balzer’s new book, The Green New Deal and Climate Change: What You Need to Know, available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle. MYTH: A 97% consensus [agreement] of scientists say…

This Is What A Tesla Will Soon Sound Like At Low Speeds

This is the day we all feared would come, the day when EVs no longer make the streets quieter and let us hear the songs of birds or talk to each other at a normal volume. Lawmakers in the US, Canada, and Europe have mandated laws that make fully electric vehicles (BEVs) audible at speeds under 30 km/h (18 mph). We now know the sounds a Tesla will make

Scientists find biology’s optimal ‘molecular alphabet’ may be preordained

(Tokyo Institute of Technology) Life uses 20 coded amino acids (CAAs) to construct proteins. This set was likely evolutionarily ‘standardized’ from smaller sets as organisms discovered how to make and encode them. Scientists modeled how the adaptive properties of the CAAs evolved over time. They found that sets containing even only a few CAAs were better than an enormous choice of alternatives, suggesting each time a modern CAA was discovered, it bootstrapped the set to include still more CAAs.

UH Law Center shares European Commission award for climate change work

(University of Houston) The European Commission has awarded a three-year energy research grant to the Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Center at the University of Houston Law Center and the French Universite Jean Moulin Lyon III.

Blueprints of future climate trends

Blueprints of future climate trends Extreme GHG and temperature rise rates question linear climate projections Andrew GliksonEarth and climate scientistAustralian National Abstract The extreme greenhouse gas (GHG) and temperature rise rates since the mid-1970th raise questions over linear climate…