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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Breaking: Black Hole at Heart of Our Galaxy Pictured For First Time

The gargantuan black hole which binds our galaxy together with its powerful gravity has been imaged for the first time. The capture relied on the collaboration of telescopes from all over the world acting in sync, collecting several millions of gigabytes of data to present the burning accretion disk of Sagittarius A—our black hole’s official […]

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Open House: what steps should the government take to mitigate effects of climate change? – The Tribune India

Alarm bells can’t ring more vigorously Finally, the fire of global warming has reached our doorsteps and we are now experiencing the threat perception of climate change as never before in real terms. Environmental disasters are no more global issues…

Climate change: Biden, give children their day in court – The Hill

Many American laws contain opening passages with “statements of congressional intent” — short explanations of what Congress hoped a particular law would achieve. They express Congress’s best intentions. Some codify moments of moral clarity lawmakers want to preserve in statutes….

Biden’s Schizoid Energy Policy Deepens

The Biden Administration’s poor public approval ratings ultimately derive from the fact that Biden and his team cannot escape the dilemma that sound policy and politics are at odds with the “Progressive” fundamentalism that controls the Democratic Party today. At…

Dems Continue Their Overreach On U.S. Energy Policy

When Barack Obama adopted the phrase “I have a pen and I have a phone” following his party’s 2014 congressional wipeout, his vice president was paying attention to this method of governing. President Biden, with an approval rating under 40%,…

There is still time to avoid worst climate change impacts –

By Tom Gilbert Let’s face it, the news on climate change can be pretty frightening: extreme storms, record-breaking heat waves, out-of-control wildfires, sea level rise and associated flooding. But amid the bad news, there are glimmers of hope that humanity…

The ONLY Way that Global Warming MIGHT Be Able to Be Stopped – Modern Diplomacy

There is only one way that might work — all others (as will be documented here) can’t even possibly work: Outlaw the purchasing of any stock or bond — any investment securities — in fossil-fuel extraction companies, such as ExxonMobil…

Climate Change: Your Questions About Causes and Effects, Answered – The New York Times

Reporters from the Climate Desk gathered reader questions and are here to help explain some frequent puzzlers. Published April 22, 2022Updated April 22, 2022 ImageCredit… Image What’s one thing you want to know about climate change? We asked, and hundreds of you…

Fact check: Warming varies across oceans and atmosphere, doesn’t contradict climate change – USA TODAY

The claim: Differences in ocean and the atmospheric warming are not explained by climate change science According to NASA, 90% of global warming is occurring in Earth’s oceans. However, the average rate of warming over the whole ocean is lower than that of the atmosphere.  One…

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