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Byton Brings The Production-Ready Byton M-Byte Out To Play In Frankfurt

Byton took to the floor of the Frankfurt Auto Show this week to show off the production-ready version of the fully electric Byton M-Byte SUV. We loved what we saw of the M-Byte at the Los Angeles Auto Show in late 2018 and again in Las Vegas in January, but all of that had to be calibrated against the fact that it was not the production version

NYTimes Discovers Summer Desert Is Hot, Blames Climate Change

Perhaps the goal of climate hysteria-mongers isn’t really to save the planet at all, but to drown it in so much nonsense that rational people grow weary of fighting the New World Order they are attempting to impose upon us….


Cities replace citation fees with school, pet supply donations

In many cities
around the country, getting a parking ticket is an opportunity to do good.
Police departments in cities from Anchorage Alaska, to Las Vegas to Woodstock
Virginia allow parking violators to pay for their tickets by donating school or
pet supplies to local schools or shelters. “Nobody likes to get a parking ticket. But if
you can pay it forward and give a donation of school supplies that will help
somebody, it kind of makes it less bad.” Said Las Vegas city spokesman,
Jace Radke. Vegas…

Is it safe to use an electric fan for cooling?

The safety and effectiveness of electric fans in heatwaves depend on the climate and basing public health advice on common weather metrics could be misleading, according to a new study.

Why we turn to dogs when disaster strikes

When disaster strikes, man’s best friend is often there, working on the front lines and behind the scenes of rescue efforts, helping people cope with trauma and loss. “They help people relax and calm down,” Tim Hetzner, president of the…

Grasshoppers have invaded Las Vegas

There must be a grasshopper convention in Las Vegas no one told us about. Because these days, Sin City is positively hopping with pallid-winged grasshoppers. “It’s a very common desert species,” Jeff Knight, state entomologist with the Nevada Department of…