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AGRICULTURE: Climate change is coming for the wine industry

It may be a good time to start stocking up on your favorite merlot or chardonnay — even the wine industry isn’t safe from climate change, research suggests. The effects of rising temperatures have already caused some noticeable shifts in the grape business, opening up new growing areas in some parts of the world and threatening others.


WHITE HOUSE: Secret Trump recordings reveal 3 energy insights

A secret recording between President Trump and an intimate group of donors — including Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, the Soviet-born businessmen who since have been charged with making illegal campaign donations — showed Trump was curious about Ukraine’s energy challenges, fracking and electric cars.

MU scientists find oldest-known fossilized digestive tract — 550 million years

(University of Missouri-Columbia) An analysis of tubular fossils by scientists led by Jim Schiffbauer at the University of Missouri provides evidence of a 550-million-year-old digestive tract — one of the oldest known examples of fossilized internal anatomical structures — and reveals what scientists believe is a possible answer to the question of how these animals are connected.

Las Vegas Taxi Company Orders Hundreds Of Teslas

Kaptyn, a Transportations as a Service (TaaS) technology company in Las Vegas, today launched 30 Teslas in its on-demand transportation (i.e., taxi) service in Vegas. Initially, I thought, “That’s a big order. We should probably cover that.” As I jumped into the story, though, I saw it was about much more than 30 Teslas

REE mineral-bearing rocks found in eastern Mojave Desert

(Geological Society of America) Scientists from the US Geological Survey have mapped a rare earth element deposit of magmatic carbonatite located in the Mountain Pass region of the eastern Mojave Desert. The new report details the geophysical and geological setting of the deposit, including a map of the deposit’s subsurface extent, to help land-use managers evaluate sites for further exploration. The report was recently published in the Geological Society of America’s online journal, Geosphere.


Mystery of how early animals survived ice age

How did life survive the most severe ice age? A team has found the first direct evidence that glacial meltwater provided a crucial lifeline to eukaryotes during Snowball Earth, when the oceans were cut off from life-giving oxygen, answering a question puzzling scientists for years.

As California Burns, Saint Gavin Fiddles

If Gavin Newsom is not the worst governor of California, he will be by the time he gets through with it. Know-it-all “pretty boy” Newsom, predictably elected in a deeper-than-deep blue state, has no regard for anyone who thinks differently…