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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Mary Robinson: When it comes to global warming, we ignore half the world’s population at our peril – The Irish Times

Just a few days after the close of climate Cop27, we can describe the outcome as a contrast of light and shadows. The establishment of a special fund for “loss and damage” in response to the devastating effects of climate-related…

Words Engraved on a Bronze Hand May Rewrite History for a Small but Special People

A very peculiar decorative ornament was found in an archeological dig last year in Spain—a bronze amulet shaped like a hand that would lead researchers to a fascinating discovery. Just recently however, the restoration of the artifact revealed strange words believed to be part of the precursor to the modern Basque Language, also called Euskara. […]

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For Many, the Global Warming Confab That Rose in the Egyptian Desert Was a Mirage – InsideClimate News

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt—The madness of COP27 started at the airport, where 50 diesel buses idled under the hot sun with doors wide open and air conditioners blasting until they headed out, often with just a handful of attendees aboard, delivering…

How China, the world’s top polluter, avoids paying for climate damage – The Washington Post

Comment on this story Comment Gift Article In 1992, the United Nations classified China as a developing country, as hundreds of millions of its citizens lived in poverty. A lot has changed since then: China is now the world’s second-largest…

Renewed Climate Disinformation Campaigns Threaten COP27 Progress – Undark Magazine

The slow pace of global climate talks were once again on display at COP27 last week and can be partially explained by a renewed blitz of climate disinformation, according to watchdog groups that analyze media ecosystems. Last week, the Climate…

Australian leadership will be crucial to future global climate action – Climate Council

AFTER YEARS OF blocking progress, Australia was back on the field at the UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt. Marathon negotiations at COP27 saw hard-won progress on addressing loss and damage but woefully inadequate shared outcomes around phasing out fossil…

Tunnel Found in Egypt Could Lead to Lost Tomb of Cleopatra

A major discovery of underground tunnels has been made in Egypt, and archeologists believe they could be part of the lost tomb of Cleopatra. The tunnels were described as an “engineering marvel” and run for 4,281 feet (1,305 kilometers). They connect with three religious sanctuaries and a sacred lake, where so far 1,500 artifacts have […]

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In a Reversal, U.S. Won’t Block Climate Compensation for Poor Nations – The New York Times

SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt — The United States is willing to accept the creation of a fund to compensate poor, developing countries for climate damage, reversing decades of opposition and marking a major breakthrough in one of the most contentious…

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