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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Machine Recycles Plastic Bottles into 3D Printer Filament–And the Design was Released, Instead of Patented

The mission of the James Dyson Award is simple: Design something that solves a problem. No one will be surprised, then, that the Polyformer machine won a grand prize because it expertly solves two problems at once. The young co-inventors, Reiten Cheng and Swaleh Owais, designed the Polyformer to achieve two goals: to tackle plastic […]

The post Machine Recycles Plastic Bottles into 3D Printer Filament–And the Design was Released, Instead of Patented appeared first on Good News Network.

From the U.N. climate conference, advice for Philly as it adapts to global warming – The Philadelphia Inquirer

For a dozen days this month, an estimated 35,000 people from around the world gathered in Egypt at COP27, the United Nations climate conference. Among the attendees — in addition to representatives from the nearly 200 countries that signed onto…

Australia’s methane emissions, the Global Methane Pledge and COP27

Image: KarryosMethane inventories in select fossil fuel basins (size of bubble = Mt CH4/yr), coverage of satellite data (x-axis, relative to total country emissions) and annual trend rate since 2019 (y-axis). A report on global methane emissions by Karryos shows…

Tracking methane from space could be key to helping slow global warming – Axios

Illustration: Rae Cook/Axios Satellites orbiting Earth are providing data to precisely point scientists, companies and governments to sources of methane — a strong greenhouse gas. Why it matters: Cutting methane emissions could help to slow global warming in the next…


Halloween Candy Wrappers Are Hard to Recycle!

An estimated 600 million pounds of Halloween candy was handed out on October 31st. Each miniature or full-size candy is individually wrapped in a plastic wrapper. While that small wrapper may seem insignificant to you, add them all up. 600 million candy wrappers, plus the plastic bags they come in and the plastic bags some […]

Methane Emissions Must Fall for World to Hit Temperature Targets – International Monetary Fund

Countries must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases substantially to keep global temperature targets in reach and limit risks of destabilizing the world’s climate. Most attention has focused on carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels, but it is also critical…


What’s All the Buzz About Pyrolysis for Recycling Plastic?

There’s been a lot of talk about pyrolysis being the solution to the plastics recycling problem. Is this method the solution that some experts believe it will be? What is all the buzz about?There are Problems With Plastics RecyclingBefore you even get into the purpose of pyrolysis, you have to look at the current problems […]

Climate change: CO2 and methane in our atmosphere reach record levels – UN News

The agency’s yearly Greenhouse Gas Bulletin warns of the biggest year-on-year jump in methane concentrations in 2021 since systematic measurements began nearly 40 years ago. While the reason for the unprecedented increase is still unclear, it seems to be a…

How Methane Leaks Accelerate Global Warming – Insurance Journal

Article 0 Comments Methane leaks have emerged as a top threat to the global climate, with the latest incident involving two Russian gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea that are at the heart of an energy crisis since Russia invaded…

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