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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Over half of known human pathogenic diseases can be aggravated by climate change –

Pörtner, H. O. et al. Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability (IPCC, 2022). Patz, J. A., Campbell-Lendrum, D., Holloway, T. & Foley, J. A. Impact of regional climate change on human health. Nature 438, 310–317 (2005). CAS  Article  Google…

How we made the FT Climate Game – Financial Times

Reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 to keep the planet from further global warming seems a formidable task on an individual level. But what if you had the omnipotence to make all the necessary decisions? Step forward the…

Blaming Bovines Is the Wrong Approach in Global Warming Debate [Opinion] – Lancaster Farming

There are some positions that are so controversial that if you dare to disagree, you will most certainly be met with an onslaught on criticism. Here goes… I believe the earth’s climate is changing – as it always has –…

Banning CFCs Helped Us Avoid an Even Worse Climate Catastrophe – Healthline

An international ban on ozone-depleting chemicals preserved the ozone layer and prevented a significant increase in global warming. Share on PinterestThe worldwide ban on chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) helped avert a dangerous rise in the level of UV radiation reaching Earth’s surface….

How the world already prevented far worse warming this century – MIT Technology Review

But the virtues of the agreement, ultimately ratified by every country, are more widespread than its impact on the ozone hole. Many of those chemicals are also powerful greenhouse gases. So as a major side benefit, their reduction over the…

Climate change threatens food security of many countries dependent on fish

(Lancaster University) Analyses by an international team from the UK and Canada and led by scientists from Lancaster University reveal that climate change is the most pervasive threat to the supply of essential micronutrients from marine fish catches, and threatens the supply of vital micronutrients from fisheries in 40 per cent of countries.

Epicentre of major Amazon droughts and fires saw 2.5 billion trees and vines killed

(Lancaster University) Triggered by the 2015-16 El Niño, extreme drought and associated mega-wildfires caused the death of around 2.5 billion trees and plants and emitted 495 million tonnes of CO2 from an area that makes up just 1.2 per cent of the entire Brazilian Amazon rainforest, and 0.01 per cent of the whole biome.

Analysis: With Trump gone, NATO wages war on climate threat – Reuters

If the U.S. military were a nation state, it would be the world’s 47th largest emitter of planet-warming greenhouse gases, a 2019 study found. Though the British universities of Lancaster and Durham took account only of emissions from fuel usage…

Low temperature physics gives insight into turbulence

(Lancaster University) A novel technique for studying vortices in quantum fluids has been developed by physicists writing in Nature Communications. Turbulence in quantum systems, for example in superfluid helium 4, takes place on microscopic scales, and so far scientists have not had tools with sufficient precision to probe eddies this small. But now the Lancaster team, working at temperature of a few thousandths of a degree above absolute zero, has harnessed nanoscience to allow the detection of single quantum vortices.

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