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The end of Darwin’s nightmare at Lake Victoria?

(University of Liege) Lake Victoria, which came under the spotlight in 2004 by the documentary “Darwin’s nightmare”, is not only suffering from the introduction and commercialisation of the Nile perch. A study lead researchers from the University of Liège (Belgium) has highlighted other worrying phenomena, particularly climatic ones, which have an equally important impact on the quality of the lake’s waters.

National Geographic Society grant to fund research into Easter Island

(Binghamton University) Binghamton University anthropologists Robert DiNapoli and Carl Lipo received a $60,280 grant from the National Geographic Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration to explore how ancient populations managed freshwater scarcity.

Predicting the spread of invasive carp using river water flows

(University of Missouri-Columbia) Researchers from the University of Missouri and the United States Geological Survey are using a grant from the USGS Aquatic Invasive Species Competitive Grants Program to develop a 3D model to better predict how the variable dynamics of river water flows — currents and water turbulence — influence the spread of invasive carp throughout the U.S. Invasive carp reproduce in rivers, and can lay thousands of eggs that can drift for miles in river flows before hatching.


Michigan Develops a $97 Million Plan to Improve Recycling

How well do the residents in your state do when it comes to recycling? In “The 50 States of Recycling: A State-By-State Assessment of Containers and Packaging Recycling Rates,” Maine and Vermont ranked the highest. They were followed by Massachusetts, Oregon, Connecticut, New York, Minnesota, and Michigan.Michigan did well with a recycling rate of 48% […]

Steven Klafka: Airport expansion fuels global warming | Opinion | –

Dear Editor: It was ironic news that Madison had secured the nation’s first electric fire engine while at the same time the county airport announced its $85 million expansion. We hope the fire engine will help us reduce greenhouse gas…

As global warming causes more lake heatwaves, species threatened, mass fish die-offs predicted – Firstpost

Unlike those living elsewhere, most lake animals cannot simply move to another habitat once their lake becomes uninhabitable. But even migratory species will suffer. By Antonia Law The Earth’s surface is splotched with 117 million lakes. Some are scarcely more…

Study Highlights the Key Role of Fungus in Global Warming – AZoCleantech

Written by AZoCleantechJun 7 2021 Small algae present in Earth’s lakes and oceans absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and sunlight and convert them to sugars that preserve the rest of the aquatic food web, consuming as much carbon as all the…

Biology: Global warming, melting permafrost a vicious cycle that’s getting worse – The Columbus Dispatch

A recent article by Lisa Friedman, a New York Times climate reporter, in that paper’s business section caught my attention. It concerned drilling for oil in the arctic National Petroleum Reserve and included this statement: “In a paradox worthy of Kafka, ConocoPhillips plans to install ‘chillers’ into the permafrost — which is thawing fast because…

PM calls on developed world to support countries vulnerable to climate change –

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday called on the developed world to support those countries vulnerable to climate change and highlighted Pakistan’s contributions towards tackling global warming. The premier was addressing a ceremony in Islamabad to mark World Environment Day….

Researchers say global warming is reducing oxygen levels in lakes – SlashGear

Researchers published a new study that found oxygen levels in the temperate freshwater lakes worldwide are declining faster than in the oceans. Scientists say that the trend is driven mainly by climate change and threatens freshwater biodiversity and the quality…