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Water pollution is rampant in streams across Europe

Europe is facing a large-scale water pollution crisis. A new study from Greenpeace revealed that pesticides and antibiotics are contaminating European waterways at an alarming rate, endangering the lives of wildlife and making microorganisms more resistant to drugs. The study, which was conducted out of a lab in the University of Exeter, found 100 pesticides and 21 drug variations in 29 different water sources spread throughout Europe. A total of 10 European nations were featured in the project,…

Canadian Coal-Fired Power Plant Transformed into Solar Farm

What was once the largest coal-fired power plant in North America has been converted to a 44-megawatt solar farm with 192,431 photovoltaic panels spread across 260 acres, the electric utility Ontario Power Generation announced.  The facility, situated on the shores…

Invasive round gobies may be poised to decimate endangered French Creek mussels

The round goby — a small, extremely prolific, invasive fish from Europe — poses a threat to endangered freshwater mussels in northwestern Pennsylvania’s French Creek, one of the last strongholds for two species of mussels, according to researchers.

Great Lakes already hit by climate change – Duluth News Tribune

That was the summary finding of a new report, released Thursday, compiled by 18 scientists from across the region, both U.S. and Canadian. The scientists gathered data from a broad range of previous studies that looked at ecosystems, economics, climate,…

With Ethanol And Biomass No Longer Viewed As ‘Green,’ Will Other Renewables Soon Follow?

Over the last 10 years, the cost of solar panels and wind turbines declined so significantly, and were scaled-up so quickly, that many people came to believe that a transition to renewables, as proposed by advocates of a Green New…


Water pollution inspires the Lake Erie Bill of Rights to improve water quality

Residents of Toledo are fighting back against water pollution in Lake Erie. Residents in the Ohio town voted in a Lake Erie Bill of Rights to help protect the lake from human waste, a move that has been criticized by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF). The piece of legislation, dubbed LEBOR, basically gives the lake the same rights as humans. If the measure stands up in court, residents will be able to sue individuals and businesses on behalf of the lake. Citizens in Toledo hope this will…

Why Toledo Just Gave Legal Rights to Lake Erie

Lake Erie provides drinking water for 11 million people, and an unusual tactic to protect it was just adopted in Toledo, Ohio:  On Tuesday, Toledoans passed the “Lake Erie Bill of Rights” in a special election, with 61 percent voting…

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