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The sleep neuron in threadworms is also a stop neuron

(Goethe University Frankfurt) The nervous system of the threadworm C. elegans is simple at first sight: it consists of 302 neurons, some of which, however, have several functions. The neuron ‘RIS,’ known as a sleep neuron, can therefore put the worm into a long sleep — or also just briefly stop its locomotion, as a group of scientists led by Goethe University have now discovered.

Climate change in the Southern Hemisphere

(Goethe University Frankfurt) On its mission ‘SouthTRAC’, the German research aircraft HALO will investigate the southern atmosphere and its effects on climate change in September and November 2019. Researchers from Goethe University will also be on board.

Macron: ‘All G7 powers must help Brazil fight raging Amazon fires’

Emmanuel Macron has asked for world powers to help Brazil and its neighbours fight the fires raging in the Amazon and to plan huge replanting programmes. The appeal came as the French president piled pressure on Brazil’s far-right leader Jair…

A chat on a train

A fortnight ago, I set off to give a talk about driven grouse shooting at Walthamstow Wetlands as part of the London Wildlife Festival. I got off the tube at Tottenham Hale (a new experience) and walked to the site…

Ban driven grouse shooting 2019 Day 6

We’re now on Day 6 and the e-petition calling for a ban of driven grouse shooting is over two thirds of the way towards a Westminster Hall debate. Here’s a map of where those signatures come from; Here are constituencies…

Lots of signatures

Twenty-eight thousand signatures in just over 24 hours – Wow! I’m not entirely sure why this is going so strongly – except that there are obviously at least 28,500 very sensible people out there. If I were a politician I…

What’s Powering The Electric Car Charging Station? A Diesel Generator

It’s becoming a joke all around the world — the EVs in Australia powered by dirty diesel. But what’s the difference? Most EVs in Australia are running on fossil fuel — the generators are just hidden behind longer extension cords….

A Few Days Of Warm Weather Doesn’t Signal A ‘Climate Emergency’

A few discomforts aside, most Brits will have enjoyed the heatwave. Much of the media commentary, however, seemed to view these precious few days of good weather as a portent of doom. Last week’s sweat-fest featured the highest July temperatures…