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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Secrets of Humpback Whales: Scientists Record 600 Different Calls at Sea Including Some Never Heard Before

Sounds made by humpback whales—including a previously unknown call—have given researchers a glimpse of their lives in the high seas. Scientists recorded the sounds hundreds of miles west of South Africa at the Vema Seamount in the Atlantic Ocean. The “whup” and “grumble” calls captured suggest this location could be an important stop on the […]

The post Secrets of Humpback Whales: Scientists Record 600 Different Calls at Sea Including Some Never Heard Before appeared first on Good News Network.

Could eating bug powder and fungus meat help fight climate change? Yes, but there are easier ways. – USA TODAY

A new study from researchers in Finland, published Monday, found that diets that simply cut down on meat and dairy are nearly as climate-friendly as diets that rely on culture-grown meat and milk. Global agriculture and food systems, especially the…

Rooting out whether soil will store or release carbon during warming – Oakridger

“Stop treating soil like dirt.” That’s the title of a 2019 TED talk in by Asmeret Asefaw Berhe. Besides its value to farmers, gardeners and all of us who eat, soil should be treated with respect for another reason as…

Avoiding Climate Catastrophe: Global Elimination of Meat Production Could Save the Planet – SciTechDaily

Eliminating all animal agriculture within the next 15 years would drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A new study of the climate impacts of raising animals for food concludes that phasing out all…

‘Acidifying, warming seas affecting seafood supplies’ – SciDev.Net

[NEW YORK] Ocean acidification and global warming are interfering with the way fish interact in groups, posing a threat to their survival which could affect seafood supplies, researchers say. Marine ecosystems worldwide have shown an increased dominance of warm water…

COP26 and False Solutions to Climate Change – LifeGate

Changes to climate and their physical consequences cannot be addressed without recognising the central role of the industrial, globalised food system, both in its contribution to and perpetuation of the climate crisis and in its creation of vulnerable agri-food systems…

Could crushed rocks absorb enough carbon to curb global warming? – National Geographic

Canary IslandsBefore sunrise in a quiet village in Gran Canaria, an island off the coast of northwest Africa, a team of scientists shuffles along the port’s wooden boardwalk toward a row of nine containers floating in the ocean. “Hurry up,…

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