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There may be a very good reason why we enter a 'food coma' after dinner

Ever feel a bit sluggish after a big meal? Maybe even a little sea sluggish? (Okay, that’s stretching it. Sea slugs probably don’t celebrate Thanksgiving — American, Canadian or otherwise.) But they may, surprisingly, have a lot to tell us…


Private property, not productivity, precipitated Neolithic agricultural revolution

The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution is one of the most thoroughly-studied episodes in prehistory. But a new article shows that most explanations for it don’t agree with the evidence, and offers a new interpretation.

CO2 emissions cause lost labor productivity

Extreme high temperatures caused by CO2 emissions could lead to losses in labor productivity. The authors found that every trillion tons of CO2 emitted could cause global GDP losses of about half a percent. They add that we may already be seeing economic losses of as much as 2% of global GDP as a result of what we have already emitted.


Revealed: northern Australia’s fossil fuel plans push climate goals beyond reach

A wave of planned fossil fuel developments by major companies across northern Australia would significantly increase the amount of coal and gas the country plans to sell into Asia and push the Paris climate agreement goals further beyond reach, a…

Global Warming, Market Opportunity – Boston Review

Oct 8, 2019 26 Min read time On the lure of climate entrepreneurism. After GeoengineeringHolly Jean BuckVerso, $24.95 (cloth) Burning UpSimon PiraniPluto Press, $27 (paper) In 2001 the economist George Reisman gave the annual Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture entitled…


Australian petition backing declaration of climate emergency hits record – but will it work?

What do tampons and climate change have in common? It’s not just their environmental toll (seriously: take a look at what’s in some disposable menstruation products and then tell me the Diva Cup seems weird) – both issues attracted the…

Banks play a key role in staving off global warming – American Banker

As New York is hosting the eleventh annual Climate Week, it is profoundly disappointing that very modest progress has been made on climate change over the past decade. There is a clear sense of urgency for CEOs to collectively call…

Australian missing in action at UN Climate Action Summit

It has been well noted that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison did not attend the UN Climate Action Summit. Indeed, the Secretary General made clear that only those nations that brought updated plans would be allowed to speak. But the…


A new kind of climate leadership

Today’s climate and environmental movements lack a diversity of perspectives and people, and don’t acknowledge or adequately value the leadership of women and people of colour