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Tesla’s Alligator-Like Adversaries Represent $3.6 Trillion In Revenue Per Year (Infographic)

Many have wondered why the mainstream press coverage of Tesla is so relentlessly negative. Someone who wasn’t familiar with the company, glancing at a typical day’s headlines, might imagine that Tesla is a company that uses child labor to manufacture chemical weapons to sell to terrorists, rather than one that builds universally-admired cars in American factories with the goal of reducing air pollution and making the roads safer

Q&A: Labor made ‘huge error’ in being silent over coal, Joel Fitzgibbon says

Labor made a “huge error” in failing to talk about its support for coal projects during the election campaign, the shadow minister Joel Fitzgibbon has said. Speaking on the ABC’s Q&A on Monday, the Hunter MP said Labor had remained…

Forget GetUp, It’s Corporate Climate Bullies We Should Fear

If there was a gold medal for corporate climate change hypocrisy, the American company Ben & Jerry’s Holdings Inc. would be hard to beat. Ben & Jerry’s is a wholly owned subsidiary of the giant foreign multinational corporation Unilever, and…

Australia’s Growing Dam Crisis Is Only Getting Worse

Australia is a dry continent — that is a fact of geography and global climate. However, per head of population, we have abundant fresh-water resources in rivers, lakes, dams, soils, and underground. But we do not conserve enough of it,…

Australian Voters Weather Media-Made Climate Hysteria

The word climate is clickbait to the ABC and Guardian Australia in the way the word sex is to the Daily Mail. The left media’s reporting of climate change is so hysterical it is no wonder voters, in what was supposed to be…


The 2019 GreenBiz 30 Under 30

They work in technology and tires, finance and forestry, retail and recovery operations. They hail from Tokyo and Toronto, London and Lima, Mexico and Manhattan. Meet this year’s honorees.

The Myth Of The Green Wave

The EU elections last week produced an apparent surge of support for greens across Europe. Parties from the Greens-European Free Alliance (EFA), the EU grouping the UK Green Party belongs to, increased their vote share across the continent by 3.1…

Joe Biden climate announcement: the former VP has a long, robust climate record –

Former Vice President Joe Biden is on the verge of announcing a climate proposal he hopes will set him apart in the crowded field of Democratic 2020 candidates. The frontrunner among the 23 candidates for president will present his plan…