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Warren Wants To Tomahawk Climate Change Ads On Twitter

Twitter banned all political ads on its platform, to the applause of the left. But now the left wants more. Democratic Party presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tweeted that Twitter “need[ed] accountability” when it came to climate change ads….

New Zealand zero carbon Bill shows bipartisan leadership

Historic moment for New Zealand as the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern calls near unanimous support for a Zero Carbon bill as acting on the biggest challenge of our time. “I continue to stand by the statement that #ClimateChange…

A Cryin’ Shame: Europe’s ‘Flight Shaming’ Movement

If one invention in mankind’s history has connected people and places, helped raise the standard of living for billions of people, and allowed anyone to travel the world freely, it is the modern jet airliner. Yet environmental activists are now…

Expensive Climate Policies Sparked The Chilean Riots, Just Like In France

Climate activists and the United Nations are suffering a major black eye this week as protests and riots resulting from high energy prices have erupted in Santiago, Chile. Chile, which is hosting a major U.N. climate conference in December, earned…

Farmers Protest Discrimination By Eco-Warriors In Germany

Thousands of farmers in their tractors have taken to the streets of Germany, protesting the government’s environmentalist agenda and the climate of hostility that agriculture faces from urban eco-warriors. On Tuesday, farmers across Germany led ‘tractor parades’ into the nation’s…

Scientists sequence 1,100 plants, illuminating 1 billion years of evolution

(Florida Museum of Natural History) Scientists have completed a nine-year quest to sequence active genes from more than 1,100 green plant species, revealing the plot twists and furious pace of the rise of this super group of organisms.

Breaking!  Tesla Model Y Production to Start ~Q1 2020 (Unofficial Leak)

This information is going to cause some controversy, because everything we knew, or thought we knew, about Tesla’s Model Y timeline is about to change.  Originally, the Model Y was supposed to start shipping in “late 2020.”  Currently, Tesla’s website…


Stripped bare: Australia’s hidden climate crisis

“Land clearance and degradation is one of the greatest crises facing Australia and the world,” says Bill Hare, the chief executive and senior scientist with Berlin-based Climate Analytics. “It undermines the basis for food production, is causing species loss and…

There may be a very good reason why we enter a 'food coma' after dinner

Ever feel a bit sluggish after a big meal? Maybe even a little sea sluggish? (Okay, that’s stretching it. Sea slugs probably don’t celebrate Thanksgiving — American, Canadian or otherwise.) But they may, surprisingly, have a lot to tell us…


Private property, not productivity, precipitated Neolithic agricultural revolution

The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution is one of the most thoroughly-studied episodes in prehistory. But a new article shows that most explanations for it don’t agree with the evidence, and offers a new interpretation.